Embracing the Era of Vertical Video

Going back to a few years ago, vertical videos were an apparent indication of novices. However, today, it has transformed into a widely accepted innovation. The world is now going vertical! The horizontal video era is slowly and steadily passing, and we are advancing into the vertical era. Suppose you are a video content creator who is looking to proceed towards verticality. In that case, this article explains everything you need to know about using vertical videos in your video editing. 

What is a vertical video? 

Vertical video is simply a format that features a taller form of production than its wideness. Usually of the 9:16 aspect ratio, it is slowly becoming the dominant format and widely accepted video production format. The aspect ratio of vertical videos makes them ideal for portrait mode presentations instead of landscape. 

Why embrace the vertical video trend? 

Imagine you scrolling through Instagram, and each time you see a video, you have to flip your phone to get the best view. Continuous occurrence of this process will only get you world-weary and tired over time. Now imagine that your audiences face a similar situation. That will ultimately add to their frustrations and will further decrease their already low attention span. So, as a result, you keep losing valuable audiences as a video content creator. 

A recent study by Deloitte suggested that every country has not less than 90% of mobile penetration. This denotes that mobile phones are indispensable and arguably, the most important tool that everybody worldwide gets to benefit from. Other key trends place smartphone addiction at the peak of all obsessions. So, the importance of creating content that suits their needs is undeniable. 

Vertical video trends for 2021

1.Vertical video adverts convert better

Unsurprisingly, vertical video ads are becoming very prevalent and growing at a breakneck pace. This trend has proven to increase returns on investment significantly, and as such, advertisers now understand that orientation is key to engaging more viewers. Naturally, awesome vertical videos will always do wonders. 

2.Storytelling with verticality 

The three main features of vertical videos are: 

  • They are immediate. You can easily record them and post 
  • They give that close and intimate experience to your audiences by displaying close up of items and people 
  • They fill the whole screen 

Considering all of these features, you’d realize that it is the best way to tell your brand story through vLogs or other media. Not all videos and stories are memorable or famous; however, telling your brand story with a vertical video adds that unique feeling. 

3. Social media platforms are cashing in verticality

Look around today; you see vertical videos everywhere. They are some of the significant social media trends, and multiple leading channels are embracing them. Naturally, the concept of desktop usage is now irrelevant because of smartphones. Therefore, it is only reasonable to dive into trends that will appeal to mobile phone users. 

Final words 

Of course, it is pretty natural to wonder what the future holds for vertical videos. With the constantly changing customers’ behavioral patterns, evidently, vertical videos have a promising future. Again, take a look around; you’ll discover that every content focuses on audiences who have high expectations. So we advise that you dive into this trend and keep creating vertical video content to convert and engage.