Five Best Alternatives to YouTube Video Editor 

YouTube offers a free application that enables users to make a video by mixing several clips before publishing it. While running video editing on YouTube, the app allows the user to mix, cut, add music, and customize it. However, its capabilities are minimal, so people are searching for a better option similar to YouTube Video Editor. The great thing is that there are some excellent YouTube Video Editor alternatives available, and the top five of them in this article are outlined below:  

1. WondershareFilmora 

It is one of the most common YouTube Video Editor alternatives. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. The best feature of Wondershare Filmora is how easy it is to use. It also comes with more functionality than the YouTube Video Editor. Among the notable features are the ability to crop, cut, and merge video clips in just a few taps, the ability to add several audio and video tracks, the ability to select from a variety of overlays and filters, and several others.  

2. WeVideo 

WeVideo is another good YouTube Video Editor alternative. It’s a cloud-based video editor that lets you edit videos from any web browser. To edit and create a video, the user must first upload the clips online, just like with the YouTube editing tool. WeVideo has the advantage of allowing multiple users to collaborate on a single video and inviting others to upload clips to the project or even create different videos based on the same clips.  

3. Loopster

Loopster is an app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The app allows users to do a variety of things like rotating, cutting, and adding sound effects to images and zooming and cropping them through the use of their smartphones. The app also allows the users to capture video and sound directly. The video will be directly exported to YouTube after it has been edited properly and has been satisfied. 

4. Tubechop 

Tubechop enables users to cut a video from any YouTube video and upload it. Some videos are just too long, and you’ll want to skip ahead to the segment that interests you. Tubechop is easy to use, much like the other YouTube Video Editor alternatives. The user needs to enter the video’s YouTube URL and pick the segment that interests them, and that’s it. 

5. Viddyad

Viddyad is a cloud-based application that allows users to create videos from images, audio, clips, and animated effects. It is said to be the most effective method for creating video advertisements for companies. There are several models from which to choose. Photos, text, voiceover, special effects, music, and images can all be used to create video advertisements. The website also offers users access to millions of photos and videos from around the world. 

With these apps, you can run YouTube video editing smoothly because they are a perfect alternative for YouTube video editors. You can select any of the apps mentioned above if it interests you.