Five Video Editing Tips to Keep Your Audiences Engaged 

According to statistics, internet users watch online videos for more than six hours a week. Most companies now use video content to promote and sell their goods. As a result, video marketing is the key to satisfying the audience’s needs. But, to succeed, you’ll need more than just the right shot or clips.   

Slight edit to your videos can go a long way toward preventing viewers from zoning out, allowing you to spend more time on your videos and, in turn, produce the much-needed returns on investment for your business.  

This article will discuss video editing strategies that you can use to hold your viewers’ attention and keep them engaged.

1. In the first five seconds, get the attention of your audience

As brands battle for viewers’ attention on social media, the landscape has become crowded. Since online audiences have full control of what they watch, the sooner you can interact and catch their attention in the first few seconds, the better. Otherwise, audiences will move on to the next video that piques their interest. 

2. Make the most of video lengths

Marketers are constantly told to keep their videos short. However, many factors influence the best video length: your audience, content delivery network, viewers’ devices, venue, and value. 

If your viewers are watching your videos on their phones in traffic, on the subway, or during work breaks, they want something fast. They can skim through the parts of your video if it is longer, losing out on your main messages. 

3. Make use of jump cuts

Switching from one task to another is a skill that the human brain excels at effortlessly. That is how we communicate and develop new ideas. Jump cuts imitate how the human brain works, and as a result, they’re a perfect way to make your video more appealing by simulating human thoughts and speech. 

4.  Add captions/subtitles to the video

Your target audience may be made up of a different number of people from other countries. A sizable portion of your audience will watch your videos without music. Most people, like on YouTube, watch videos while muted. That means there’s a good chance the viewers will misunderstand your videos on this network. Captions or subtitles aid in the creation of YouTube videos by filling in the gaps. 

5. Develop the tone

Your video should be able to keep the viewers amused from beginning to end. That is to say, you should strive to make an impact on your audience, and the tone you use will help you do so. For instance, for YouTube video editing, you should be able to develop your tone to have more subscribers and viewers. 

It is usually more time-consuming to edit a video than it is to shoot one. This is to show that video editing needs lots of attention. However, using a basic video editor will expedite the video editing process. When you use the right lighting effect, music, or storytelling in your videos, you will increase interaction and draw more viewers. Not only will your viewers appreciate it but so will search engines and social media sites as your videos push traffic to their platforms and encourage viewers to take action.