How Influencer Marketing Has Impact on Consumer Lifestyle 

Consumer behavior and lifestyle is a whole field of study in several areas, from the point of view of psychology, from an economic perspective, and in the marketing industry of course. Therefore, all forms of consumerism are studied in this field, including influencer marketing. 

Since it is something worth analyzing how celebrities and influencers can cause changes in consumer behavior, affect their decisions, and even influence their lifestyle. So do not stop reading below, because we will study these aspects of influencer marketing. 

The influence on decision making

Influencer marketing is a popular and successful form of promotion, and it can be used to provide a very high competitive advantage. The main tool on which this sector is based is in choosing the right personality for the plan and the target audience. 

This is because the influencer can evoke positive emotions in the public that identifies with them. When a person follows a personality, it is because they feel related to it, empathize with the content they share, and feel they can reach them thanks to social networks. 

In such a way, when the promotion of a product is done organically and authentically, the followers of an influencer feel it as if it were a friend giving a recommendation. It is something that makes the product and the brand much more reliable, and affects consumer decision making. 

Also, the strategies used by promotional influencers, such as reviews and video tutorials, make a much more realistic approach to the product. People can see the influencer using the product live in or giving an honest review of it, which is much better than simply reading its benefits on the packaging. 

Influencer marketing and consumer behavior

Celebrities and influencers also create an appearance of status, which makes them less frivolous icons than a simple company. MuseFind studies indicate that at least 92% of consumers trust influencers more than traditional advertising, especially Gen Z audiences. 

Older users may be aware of influencer marketing strategies, but this sector of the industry has a greater reach in younger audiences. By being more influenced by a figure with whom they identify, makes them the main consumers of the influencers. 

It is not a coincidence this is the industries focused on young audiences that are advertised the most with influencer marketing, such as video games and the beauty industry. Both are focused on a pre-adolescent audience through young adulthood, with a few exceptions. 

This means that if your favorite gamer YouTuber makes a favorable review of a video game, you may go out to buy it without hesitation, to simply buy it and review it on your own. It is that simple how this type of marketing can influence not only your decisions but also your behavior. 

But it is also the perfect strategy for brands and companies to make direct contact with their public. In addition to offering the products and services demanded in the correct way, to the right public.