How Should Social Media Marketing Be Made According to Generations? 

People are influenced by the intellectual, artistic, scientific, political agenda, and activities of the moment they reside in the world. So, to incorporate them in something, it’s important to know what they’re interested in and to present what they’re concerned about. Approaching multiple generations with a consistent contact plan for social media marketing would fail. 

Generation Z (1996—…) 

While the powerful videosharing site Vine was closed, it was once the number one social media app for 54 percent of the Z generation. With the closure of Vine, people began using applications like Snapchat and Instagram stories. Now there’s Tiktok, which is expanding all over the globe. Though 62% of the Z generation have never heard of Periscope, a live streaming app, TikTok is one of their favorite channels, allowing them to take funny short. Influencer marketing services can be seen to be more effective in this age range. 

Did you know that you just have 8 seconds to get Gen Z’s attention on social media? 

What kind of social media ads can be addressed to the Z generation? 

  • Feature content focused on video. 
  • Deliver measurable results to improve their loyalty. (View of the videos they upload, etc.) 
  • Give a privileged and immediate offer. 
  • Let the content show more on their homepage by modifying based on the morning and after-school time of the target audience. 
  • Bear in mind that Generation Z’s most active social media days are Thursday and Friday. 

Millennials– Generation Y (1977 – 1995)  

The Y generation, which does not like authority, is restless and has the struggle to adapt to society, is also dependent on technology, eager for learning and study. 41% of generation Y use Facebook every day. 34% of those between the ages of 18 and 24 use Instagram every day relative to 25% of those between the ages of 25 and 34. This demographic, who researches purchasing a commodity, values influencer marketing services. 

What kind of social media marketing has to be addressed to the Y generation? 

  • Act with brand ambassadors whom generation Y considers trustworthy and iconic, emphasis on influence and persuasion by using word of mouth (WOMM) technique by using all the perks of Influencer marketing services. 
  • Concentrate on what is idealistic, and they will benefit. 
  • Before settling on a company or product, they consider paying attention to social media reviews and feedback. 
  • Note that they are more attracted to genuine, esthetic, metaphysical, and artistic content. 

Generation X (1965  1976) 

This generation is diligent, hard-working, and dedicated to their jobs. The average weekly time spent on Facebook is high. 58 percent of the X generation uses YouTube but for more informational and “How to” videos. The X generation’s brand loyalty rate is 84%. 

What kind of social media marketing has to be applied to the X generation? 

  • Consider their trend towards luxury products and services, which has the highest net income group relative to other generations. 
  • Considering their needs, which will encourage them to pamper themselves, follow a marketing strategy embroidered with nostalgia and comfort. 
  • Prepare material based on videos. Make sure the material is visually vivid, entertaining, lively, enthusiastic, and fascinating. 
  • Avoid surveys and questionnaires. 

While most of the consumers are of a generation, people in the group may have different preferences and desires. First, decide the target demographic for this. Create and execute the content strategy for social media and influencer marketing services with comprehensive and narrowed targeting within them in the second step.