How to Advertise on Tiktok 

Tiktok is among the best platforms to advertise online. It is among the best platforms for social media marketing. Up to 1.5 billion people are already downloaded the application online and the application has up to 500 million users every month. This post tells how to advertise on TikTok. The steps are below.  

One: Set up a Tiktok account  

The process of creating an advert on TikTok is not the same way it is on Facebook or Instagram. Go to the TikTok homepage and tap on ‘Create Ad’. When you tap the button, a form will display requesting information for setting up the account. Fill the details and then submit. A representative of TikTok will get in touch with you in 5 days. 

Make an ad campaign  

Once you come in to the dashboard, tap on ‘Campaign’ and click ‘Create’. There are 3 levels of advertising on TikTok, they are Ads, Ad Groups and Campaign. The functions in the campaign are the ads and the ad groups. Select a goal for the ad. There are 3 aims of TikTok advertising which are application installations, conversion and traffic. Select a budget for the campaign. You may choose options like ‘Total Budget’ or ‘Daily Budget’. 

Create an Ad Group 

The next thing to do is to set up an ad group in the campaign. This is where you decide the targeting and placements. There are various ad groups for various audiences in your campaign. When you advertise on TikTok, you get access to all related applications, and this include News Republic (worldwide), Vigo Video (India only), Top Buzz (BR and US) and Buzz Video (Japan). You may advertise only on TikTok or all networks. TikTok then calculates the place you can get ad results and put the ad there. After selecting preferred options, input all assets according to instructions to begin running the ad, categories, images, display name with URLs. The keyword section lets you choose up to 20 terms for describing your application or website. The keyword will display the products to the right audience. Check out your choice. Next is ‘targeting’ section that lets you state the target audience for the ads. Set up parameters like devices, languages, gender, age and place. If you want the ad to be a particular set of people, run a remarketing campaign. You can make a custom audience through the userIDs that exist on TikTok. Upload the IDs, the list to ZIP, TXT or CSV file. You need a pixel of TikTok to run a remarketing and track how effective the campaign is.  

Set up details for the campaign  

Go to  ’Budget & Schedule’ and choose the ad group budget. Once again you can choose the amount you can spend each day or the entire amount to spend in the campaign. Select the pace for the budget. You can use the accelerate option for a particular period. The goal of this ad could be impressions, clicks and conversion. 

Design the ad  

TikTok ads is made up of videos and images in square, vertical and horizontal. You can use a network offer tool known as Video Creation Kit. It includes images and video templates. There are up to 300 options for music. You can add up to 15 and texts, videos and 10 images with creative optimisation. You can use the Landing Page tool that can combine music with images to make video ads.