How to Create a YouTube Channel Trailer

A YouTube channel trailer is a video that helps viewers to better understand what your channel is all about. It is advisable to make a good impression on one’s channel trailer seeing as it is the most viewed video on the channel; this allows one to get more subscribers. 

Having a trailer is the strategic way to raise your viewer count and subscriber numbers. A channel trailer is automatically displayed at the top of a YouTube Channel Page for non-subscribed viewers. With around 23 million YouTube channels, the channel trailer needs to be captivating. 


Keep things short

In other not to bore the possible subscribers, making your YouTube channel trailer short and straight to the point rather than the lengthy videos you put up for your subscribers is a wise choice. It will make the new viewers know what your channel is about and make them eager to watch another of your video.  

YouTube marketing experts recommend that the length of the channel trailer should be limited to 30 60 seconds. 

Assuming that the viewers are new to your channel and have never seen you before, keep a cheerful face when making your channel trailer, so you appear engaging and likable. 

-Using T.O.P formula 

This formula helps you to structure how your channel trailer will be presented. 

  • T- Target your audience.
    Targeting your audience means that within the first 5-10 seconds of the video, let your viewers know what your channel is all about and who it is for; this will allow them to see if they have found the medium for them. For example, is your channel for Bloggers? Hikers? And so on. 
  • O- Origin story. 
    At this stage, you tell your viewers how and why you decided to start the YouTube channel. It will draw them in and make your channel unique from others with the same subject as you. 
  • P- Pitch 
    Finally, at the end of the video, phrase your pitch and ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel, but your pitch should fit your channel’s style and personality. 
-Power of storytelling 

A good channel trailer doesn’t say it but shows it. Using video as a medium shows the viewers what your channel is about rather than boring them with talking or texting. The use of graphics like color and animation helps to entertain your viewers.  

  • Editing
    After making your YouTube channel trailer and are satisfied with the video’s contents, editing your videos is suitable. Editing your video is important because it helps to manipulate and arrange video shots. Video Editing is essential if you have numerous video shots.  
  • Uploading your channel trailer video
    Make sure you add the title, description, relevant tags and set it to the public as you upload your video. Adding an eye-catching thumbnail helps to increase click-throughs when it shows up as a suggested video.