How to Generate Leads Via Social Media

Is your marketing goal to increase lead generation? Social media can be instrumental in achieving that. Over the years, social media established itself as an excellent way to reach out to audiences, gather leads, and engage with them to foster brand awareness. As per Pew Research Centre, only in the US, 68% of adults use Facebook, with many of them accessing the platform daily, and 78% use YouTube. Another survey conducted by WpForms reported that over 50% of companies affirm their most challenging marketing effort is leads generation. These facts and data all point to a reality, “focus on social media.” 


Based on intent, there are two classes of social media users: fun-seeking and information-seeking. Information, in this case, doesn’t necessarily mean information on what to buy, neither does fun mean shopping fun. Hence, turning these audiences into sales leads might be an arduous task. But the good thing is that it’s possible. If you need more time to focus on other aspects of your business, you can partner with a digital marketing agency to conduct this activity. With that said, here are some essential tips to generate leads via social media. 

1. Run a giveaway/contest

Social media aims to connect various people, hence, the term “social.” This goal does not necessarily extend to businesses; however, people will always associate with brands they identify with. One of the proven ways to establish a community is giveaway. Running a giveaway is an excellent approach to engaging and entertaining your audiences. With over 3 billion social media users worldwide, you have a lot of potential participants. People love free things, especially from their favorite brands, and if you cater to their needs, the more the chances of them referring people and expanding the community. 

2. Content is king

Check out successful social media pages, and you’ll discover that they are not all about promoting their business. But they are all about putting out engaging content that appeals to their audience. Therefore, be that go-to page for your audience. One of the best ways to achieve this is by creating an integrated blog on your website. Of course, you want people to see those posts, so you can put the link in your social media bio for them to follow to your website. There, they’ll access the content that appeals to their needs. Seeing this type of content in their feeds will ultimately foster your brand recognition.

3. Leverage influencers

So, in a case whereby you don’t have many social media followers, what do you do? Paid ads are the way to go. Get your adverts featured on social media users’ feeds, and ultimately, most of them will get interested if you make your posts attractive enough. Furthermore, irrespective of your niche, some influencers deliver related content which everyone likes. You can also leverage them to promote your brand and generate leads.

4. Gated content

Limiting access to something makes more people interested – it’s human psychology. Adding gated content to your social media marketing efforts will encourage users to take action. They will be curious about what you have to offer that others may not get to see. Some gated content examples are Ebooks, templates, resource guides, content upgrades, limited edition podcasts, etc.