How to Make an Influencer Marketing Proposal 

Are you a marketing specialist and want to take your company to the next level of promotion? It is time to implement influencer marketing strategies and create a closer connection with the audience through these internet personalities. 

But what is the correct way to do it? How to present your ideas professionally and appropriately to company executives? Do not worry, because here are some useful steps to present your influencer marketing proposal. 

Creating an influencer marketing proposal

Marketing proposal submissions today are more dynamic thanks to technological tools, so feel free to use them. Using professional images, pictograms and presentations will be useful to present your influencer marketing proposal. 

So put all your creativity into it and create an interesting, yet easy-to-read template. And do not forget to follow the following guidelines to be a success in your office:

1. Table of contents

After presenting the cover with the name of your strategy, you must present a guide or table of contents. This will allow the audience to prepare for what lies ahead; also it will create expectations of them that you must meet throughout the presentation. 

2. Goals of the campaign

Continue with the goals of the campaign, or what you want to achieve with the strategies you plan to implement with the influencers. In this case, it can be to increase the customer base, increase the number of followers or increase the number of sales, whatever you decide. 

But remember that from here you must work based on those objectives. 

3. Campaign message

You must propose a series of messages of your campaign, which are the ones that the influencer will translate in their language to the target audience. That is, they will focus on transmitting the message in an empathic way to the audience. 

4. Metrics

You should obtain current metrics from the company’s social networks, as well as current and relevant statistics; to have a reference point to compare the results of the campaign. 

5. Target audience

It is time to establish the audience you want to send the message to. This includes their demographic data, their preferences, and the time they spend on social networks, among others. Also, this will make it easier for you to find the perfect influencer.

6. Proposal of influencers and budget

Having the target audience, you must find and raise an available influencer to contact them. And all influencers come with a budget, so do not forget to bring it up in your presentation. 

7. Deadline

Indicate what your deadlines are for the delivery of the results of your influencer marketing campaign; from the dates of the short-term goals to the long-term ones. 

8. Profit projection

Every influencer marketing campaign is done for the benefit of something; we already mentioned it to you. Therefore, for your proposal to sound realistic and reliable, you must present a profit projection of it to the executives. 

With all this, we assure you that you will have a successful presentation and your proposal will be accepted immediately.