How to Organise a Virtual Event?  

Organizing a virtual event requires as much time and energy as that of a live event. Unfortunately, the current circumstances are pushing planners to step up. Due to cancellations caused by the Coronavirus, protests have been banned. For some, postponing his event is not conceivable. The virtual remains the best alternative. 

Virtual events require both professionalism in event organization, but also some knowledge of connected technology. Since everything happens online, you need to have some understanding of the tools available. If not, be sure, you can learn them very quickly! 

Organize a Virtual Event: The Choice of the Concept

The starting point for organizing a virtual event is your basic concept. This translates firstly into the type of manifestation. Have you planned a concert, conference, seminar or other category of event? You cannot transform this information even when you migrate to virtual. 

Then imagine your event. What do you want to share? What messages do you want to send? Your visions must be precise. Only after that you may seek the services of virtual event professionals. They own the platform and can make your project a reality. 

Choose a Location

If you have rented a conference room for 200 people, this may not be appropriate for the change of context. To organize a successful virtual event, you need to find a suitable venue. Think about the light, the technical installations, but also the aesthetics of the place itself. 

Because of the confinement, all event venues have surely closed their doors. Don’t hesitate to use your professional knowledge to find the perfect room. You don’t necessarily need a scene. Even a well-lit corner of a room might work well for some. The roof of a building for a panoramic view is just as pleasant as a pretty garden. Explore your imagination! 

Decoration: Essential Point for Organizing a Virtual Event

Since you’ve had to prepare the perfect location, you need to recreate the vibe it provided. Although a completely empty room can be very artistic at times, it is not necessarily pleasant when it comes to hosting a virtual event. The space should reflect the identity of your event. 

Your business symbols should also be visible. Imagine a TV show. You see all the logistics there: sofas, a coffee table, sometimes even cups of coffee. Everything must remain natural according to your concept.  

Opt for the Best Technology to Organize Your Virtual Event

This important detail should be discussed with your suppliers. They will provide you with valuable advice on making your wishes come true. In this step to organize your virtual event, you must choose the tools you want to make available to your audience. 

These are mainly question-and-answer sessions, forums, etc. You must carefully consider the feasibility, but also the practicality of your choices. The experience must remain fluid. For this type of event, the public will obviously prefer to participate. It’s up to you to see how to satisfy them. 

Accessibility Above All!

Can’t your event take place live? This is as much a pain for you as for your audience and the participants. When you decide to host a virtual event instead, you need to keep the satisfaction of your targets as a priority. 

First and foremost, you have to make sure that this new format of your concept is accessible to everyone. Make sure that each participant understands how to access the event. Then, plan usage tips for handling the platform and the various tools. Assign a technician to answer technical questions if possible. Everyone should feel comfortable. 

Make Use of Social Networks

Communicate thoroughly about the new format of your project. Organizing a virtual event does not provide access to as many communication channels as during a live event so your best asset remains social networks. Considering all the panoply available for free, you can use them all. However, you have to keep the identity of your concept. Study the influence of the social network and see how to exploit it. Just because everyone is on a particular site doesn’t mean it’s also suitable for you. Don’t forget to create your hashtag to complete it all.