How to Place Non-Skippable Ads on YouTube 

YouTube is the largest hub for videos where you can display video ads. YouTube have 2 types of ads, non-skippable ads and skippable ads. Setting each of them have different approach. This post tells you how to place ads on YouTube.  

Setting up non-skippable ad  

Move to Google Ads by tapping ‘https://ads.google.com/home. 

A page will appear. Tap on the ‘Campaign’ button to make a ‘non-skippable’ campaign ads. When you tap on the ‘campaign’ button, choose the option ‘Display Network only’. Then fill in the details of the campaign. Select a location for this campaign, note that the focus doesn’t have to be US only, up to 80% of YouTube traffic is from outside US. You can change the options later, like change the location. You can make an advanced campaign after setting up basis for a campaign that is ‘non-skippable’. When scrolling downwards, more options will appear. Focus on the field of ‘budget’. It is the amount you can spend each day on the ads. It is something you can change at a later time.  You don’t have to adjust ‘Advanced’ settings. After filling up the relevant options, tap on ‘Save and Continue’ button. A page will appear. 

Give a name to the Ad Group  

Select how you target the Ad Group. This is how the video will appear. Pick YouTube.com in the targeting section. You are specifying YouTube as the only place to display ads when you select the option ‘YouTube’. 

To select an option, tap on ‘use a different targeting method’ and choose ‘placements’, this is from the drop down menu. Type ‘YouTube’ and choose the option with 2.5B to 3B for impressions. This is by tapping on the 2 arrows. 

Targeting ads  

Tap on ‘Narrow your targeting further’. Even though this is optional, tap on it to focus the ads  towards the appropriate people. Note that if you are just starting out with YouTube advertising, you can choose the ‘topics’ option.  Example if you want to target people that use SEO, enter ‘SEO’ in the field and select the options. Notice a graphic on the right hand section that displays many impressions for your ads. What displays in the graphic is related with how targeting is. The graphic has its own potential. When it has a high number, it displays the ad without saturation. After selecting the topics tap ‘Save and continue’. A next page will pop up where you can create the ad. Note that this is not for making non-skippable ads. Tap on ‘Skip ad creation’. A page appears. Tap on ‘Ads’. Then tap on ‘Ad’ button and choose ‘Ads gallery’. Another page appears, choose ‘video ads’ and choose ‘In-stream video ads’. Here you can upload a video. A non-skippable video can last for start from 15 seconds up. 

Provide the link for the YouTube video or upload that video right away. Check the video on a mobile device to see how it is on a tiny screen. After providing the video, input ’landing page URL’. Note that the Display URL displays the URL but is not always the one that the viewer sees when he taps on the ad. Tap on the ‘Save’ button above the page. Then wait for ‘Google Ads’ approval. This method above is precisely for non-skippable ads. Note before using this method, you have to create a video for ads. Ensure that you create quality videos that are engaging.