How to Place Skippable Ads on YouTube 

YouTube is a place to advertise and is a major part of online marketing. You can make skippable and non-skippable ads on YouTube. This post tells you how to make skippable ads on YouTube. You can make In-display and In-stream ads on YouTube. Follow the steps below to place skippable ads on YouTube.  

Go to the homepage of Google Ads and choose ‘video’. This is from ‘+ amp align’ in the menu. A page will appear. Add a ‘campaign name’ and set up your budget. Note that you have to deselect videos on the Display network, apps and Google partner sites. Select a location for the ad, that is the place you want the ad to be. 

  • Select a language for this campaign. You can choose the type of mobile device to target. This depends on the type of campaign you want to create. 
  • Use the ‘mobile bid adj’ button to vary bids when displaying or mobile devices. Tap on ‘Save and continue’ and move to the next stage. You have the chance to set up an ‘Ad Group’. Name the ad group and then paste  its link to the video you wish to advertise. You can choose ‘In-display’ ad or ‘In-stream’ ad. When you choose ‘In-stream’ ad, other options will display. It is not complex to fill up the fields. Add a Display URL with a  final URL. The Final URL represents the page the viewers see when they tap on the video. 

You may upload some of the images or let YouTube choose the images. With content, the images are formed. If you choose ‘In-display ad’, more options will appear. 

  • Add a headline with a description. Making a description and a headline is an action on its own and can enable you get view of the video. 

If you want to make a headline ensure that it refers to people relevant to the video. Example if you want to target people with SEO, tap on ‘need help with SEO’. 

If you are targeting the ads with a keyword, add the keyword  of the ad in the headline. There is an increasing of ‘how to videos’ on YouTube. If your videos are ‘how to videos’, it improves ads. ‘How to’ videos are suitable for targeting your audience. Create a headline that gets attention. You can add some benefits with the title. There is a limit for characters in the description. Ensure that you take account of this in the text and pre-roll. This description for the ad is clear. It has a call to action and encourages people to tap on the ad to watch the video. Ensure that something attractive is used for the image. Add pictures with some text, example pictures of human faeces. It contains a picture of a person that points to the text. All these factors help to make it attractive. Even if you apply one of the elements on the image you can improve the performance and other parameters. Take note that video time displays in the ad. Test the ads to click the impact of the video length on the people clicking the ad. You can share Facebook ads with Google Ads in YouTube. 

  • Choose In-display to take people to the video or to the channel. Set up a bid after targeting. No need to set placement. Use ‘Find Related Keywords’ for targeting. Set up a bid and save the ad group. You can link your YouTube channel with Google Ads. 
  • Tap the ‘Finish’ button and wait for approval.