How to Plan a Great Digital Marketing Strategy 

Digital marketing is a difficult job. There we said it. For anyone who wonders that why to digital marketing agencies charge a good sum when all they do is change a few words on the site and post a few posts here and there, we say that this much is true. If anyone chances a few words on the site or posts a few posts on various platforms and even adds a few clickable ads on different sites they would have successfully done a bit of digital marketing. But it won‘t be successful in digital marketing. A successful digital marketing campaign requires as much homework as it requires actual work. One can’t expect to run a profitable campaign just by making an effort without any strategy and planning. That’s the beauty of the job, knowing what to say, to whom to say it, and when to say it. That’s what differentiates a great digital marketing agency from a mediocre one. Having established the need for a good digital marketing strategy let us now look at an overview of how a basic, solid digital marketing campaign should progress 

Step 1: Do your homework about the product or business 

The first step towards any plan is always crucial as it sets the tone, and the same can be said about this one. Doing a basic background analysis about the product or business you are trying to promote won’t cut it. You need to do proper thorough research. Both on the product you are promoting and on the similar products available in the market. You need to spot areas where your product is superior so you can highlight them and areas where you’re weaker so you hide them under the rug. 

Step 2: Develop a target audience 

After getting knowhow of your product you need to understand the target audience. It is essential to know the target audience because it can then tell you about the type of language you are gonna use and how you are going to go about your promotion adverts. A good digital marketing agency always notes the target audience’s age, gender, nationality, and culture amongst other things before making a detailed advertising plan 

Step 3: Estimate the activity of the target audience 

After getting to know your target audience, it is important to find out where you will usually find these people. On which sites, on which social media platforms, watching which YouTube videos, for example. This is important because it would a real shame to be wasting potentially excellent adverts on places where the target audience wouldn’t even be found normally.  

Step 4: Realize the best type of marketing strategy for them 

This step is where the actual marketing starts. You can say it’s the actual start of the marketing campaign has done all of the homework before. This step involves using the knowledge gained in step 2 and then using it to create the perfect words needed for SEO, clickable ads and social media promotion, etc. 

Step 5: Execute!  

Having gone through the first 4 steps, it is time to use the gathered knowledge and understanding to give the best marketing plan