How to Prepare a Successful Live Video?  

With the rise of social media and streaming platforms, more and more videographers are trying live videos. However, making an interesting and engaging live turns out to be a little more complicated than that. Likewise, a live can have other purposes than talking about yourself. 

To do what?

Indeed, lives can also serve as a reinforcement for an activity that you already carry out online. For example, YouTube videographers can do live shows to gain popularity. It should also be noted that this practice can be useful for businesses. What better way to sell a product than a live presentation, where you can respond to your audience in real time? 

If there’s one thing to remember, it’s that all lives are all about nurturing special relationships with your audience. It’s not for nothing that these live broadcasts come with an instant chat window for your viewers. They can react in real time to what you are doing, while you can respond to their reactions. 

In short, to do lives, I advise you to develop your sense of human contact! 

The necessary equipment to broadcast a live

Now that you have a better idea of ​​the ins and outs of a live video, we’ll have to take a look at the technical side of it. Even if you are not a computer scientist, worrying about your broadcast material is essential for a live performance. 

First, you will have to choose between two devices: smartphone or computer? 

If you want to talk face-to-face, to talk about yourself or promote a product, a smartphone will be enough. You don’t need a high-performance computer to praise your leather jacket or tell an amazing anecdote. However, if you want to live stream a video game session, software drawing, or any action that requires a computer … you’re going to need a capable machine. So, if you do a live video game, your computer will have to do three things at the same time. 

  • Run the video game in good quality.
  • Record the game session withsoftware, also in good quality. 
  • Andbroadcast the session simultaneously on a viewing platform, such as Twitch orYouTube. 

All of this takes a lot of resources from your computer. So, if you have a computer that already has trouble opening ten tabs on the browser at the same time, avoid making live videos on The Witcher in high definition. 

Broadband Connection Required

Finally, there is still an essential element to obtain in order to be able to achieve a successful live broadcast. This is a good internet connection. 

In order for your video to be smooth when viewed, and for you to receive reactions from your viewers live, you will need a permanent broadband connection. No way to use family Wi-Fi, when half the household is pumping your bandwidth with Netflix! Your PC or your mobile device would then be unable to broadcast your live in real time… Which would be a shame for a live broadcast. 

That’s about all when it comes to the minimum equipment to do live performances! 

See, you don’t need much to get started. After that, you will need to invest more or less money depending on what you want to do. If, in the future, you want to increase the audio and video performance of your lives, for better quality, I would advise you, in priority, to go for a decent microphone. 

You can also acquire a webcam, projectors (or even a simple selfie lamp) or a better-quality computer. But all this should not slow you down to start: a smartphone is enough for your first steps! 

Live Streaming: In the Heat of The Moment!

You know why you want to do a live, you have your material … All you have to do is to get on with it. However, you are not going to start the broadcast without warning. You will first need to promote your live on social media. Teasing, as they say! In the same way that a film has its trailers in the cinema, your live will have to be announced before its broadcast. 

Advertise your live video

A week before, start sharing posts on your networks: “Such day, I’m going to show you something amazing live!”  

Remind yourself at regular intervals: “Don’t miss this exceptional live performance tomorrow night!”. 

Do not hesitate to overbid your words. If you yourself believe in the exceptional nature of your live, you will get more audience. 

Prepare for Your Live

Then you will need to write your script. You will need at least a general frame, a few sentences, and different scenarios, corresponding to the reactions of your audience. Besides, it makes a perfect transition to what you need to do during the live! 

During the Live

You are in front of the camera, it turns. You see very few people connected to your live. Don’t panic, this will often happen at the start of a live, especially for your first broadcasts. 

However, no matter the size of your audience, it’s going to have to hit hard right from the start! By that, do not hit your viewers, but engage them with a catchy video start. There is no secret to this: speak directly to your audience. It might sound silly, but a simple “Hello everyone!” Are you doing OK? Helps engage your viewer.