How to Speed Up Your Video Editing Skills 

Video editors spend a significant amount of time editing videos. Since you do not know all the tricks and shortcuts to speed through your footage as a novice or amateur, you may end up spending much more time editing than professionals. Those fractions of a second add up; this is why you should be on the lookout for alternate workflows or advice that can help you speed up or smooth out some aspects of your workflow.   

To be sincere, for most editors who work on television, advertising, and industrial ventures, the quicker you are, the better because the pace and earning potential are inextricably linked. Let’s take a look at how to improve your video editing speed in the sections below; 

1. Make a Plan and Stick to It

When you start a project, there’s a deadline or completion date. As humans, we have a bias to prepare just for the particular deadline. Set a fair deadline, even if it’s longer than what your client needs. It’s preferable to pass on a feasible project in the period allotted than to miss the deadline. 

2. Increase the Speed of Playback

This is an easy one, but the shortcuts J, K, and L can be used to adjust the playback speed on your timeline. It will help you speed through a long clip by allowing you to add edits for “ums” and other breaks in speaking.  

When it comes to audio editing, double speed is around the maximum. Though you can easily find holes in audio using the audio waveforms. 

3. Limit the Rate of Distractions

Switch off the distractions that come with working on a machine while editing. Distraction is, of course, counterproductive to your efficiency. Disconnect the device from the internet or go to the upper right-hand corner, press, and set your alerts to Do Not Disturb mode when you sit down to edit your next film or video. 

4. Make Yourself Comfortable and Pick Your Spots

Since video editing will keep you sitting on your rump for hours on end, the first step is to make sure you’re relaxed and supported. I would recommend investing in a high-quality ergonomic chair or even a ball chair, whatever you prefer. 

5. Make Use of Shortcuts on the Keyboard

Stop clicking with your mouse and start searching for the tools you need. Instead, learn the keyboard shortcuts for certain video editing tasks. You can significantly increase the editing speed by using keyboard shortcuts. 

6. Make Use Of Markers

Markers are helpful for editing when listening to music. These small indicators may be placed at key points in the song, such as when a pleasant speed change occurs or when a new instrument appears. 

It will make it much easier to line up the video. As long as the track is chosen, press M to quickly connect it to the track. It will do this to the main timeline if you don’t pick a track. 


These tips highlighted in this article will help you to speed up your video editing skills successfully. However, these tips can also work for YouTube video editing so far you have mastered it properly.