How to Work with an SEO Agency 

Now that we all know the importance of SEO agencies and have decided to hire one, what is the next stage? Here we explain it! After the arduous process of finding a quality service provider, there are a few things we need to consider in order to start our campaign. 

For that reason, we bring valuable information about it. Keep reading and find out how to work with an SEO agency. But first remember that these steps are essential if you want your collaboration to be successful. 

Prepare your internal team

SEO companies often function as an extension of marketing teams. Therefore, before working with an SEO agency, let your staff members know why you need to hire professionals in the area and talk about the tasks that they will perform in the business. 

You should also select those who will work directly with the agency. In this way, they will understand the processes and will be able to execute actions in line with SEO strategies, helping your company to obtain better results. You must close the communication gap between your company and the agency! 

If you focus on this step, you ensure that there is always someone from your company who keeps the SEO agency in sync with the culture, goals, expectations, and needs of your company or brand. 


Hiring an SEO agency can help you rank higher in search engines for your target keywords, drive more traffic, drive sales, or all of them. However, even though the goals may be very similar, no business case is the same. 

That means SEO strategies that worked for one company may not work for yours. Therefore, you must take the time to share the details of your project with the agency you want to hire. 

It will help you develop personalized strategies and action plans fully adapted to the needs of your brand or company. Before starting work, remember to hold a discovery session! 

Research and recommendations

After talking to the agency about your goals, expectations, and needs, pay attention to the response from the specialists. A trained and experienced company takes the time to determine the best path for a business. Something is not right if the agency sends you a quote and invoices just five minutes after you meet. 

The best SEO companies dig deep into research using the data you provide at your meeting. Also, after conducting research, agencies often share recommendations with companies. Be careful with that! 

Project management

Any SEO company you hire will need access to digital assets. Depending on the tasks to be performed and your scope of work, specialists may request access to website or blog passwords, contact with selected internal staff, codes to log in to analysis tools, and more. 

To facilitate this stage of onboarding, you and your company need to meet and determine what both parties need in terms of resources, digital assets, and information. In this session, the project scope, communication channels and deadlines are also defined. 

Final thoughts

It is not so difficult! After choosing the ideal SEO agency for you, these are some of the steps you must follow to create a beneficial link for your company. But keep in mind that some service providers may need different things. Listen to them carefully!