Influencer Marketing: 5 Best Engaging Campaigns

Collaborating with an influencer to promote your brand is one of the great ways to gain popularity quickly so that it is important to choose the right influencer that can represent your brand.

The next important thing to consider is the campaign of your influencer marketing. The concept of the campaign can be made by you, by the influencer. It can all be great as long as it is able to engage your audiences.

What kind of influencer marketing campaign can engage a wide range of audiences? Let’s check this list out!

5 Best Engaging Influencer-Marketing Campaign

1. Review

A review of the brand’s product or service is always successful in building people’s trust. Getting an influencer who is considered a trusted figure by the followers will give more value to the review.

Ask your partner – the influencer – to give an honest review about your product or service. So, when your potential customers may try it by themselves in the future, the result they get can meet their expectations.

2. Contest

Inviting the audiences to create content that involves them following or subscribing to your brand’s channel, using specific brand’s hashtags or anything like that can help your brand become highly noticed on social media.

Choose the kind of contest that is attractive and can be joined by many people. The more people join your contest, the more people become a part of your campaign.

3. Giveaways

Giving free products as gifts to the audiences in exchange for a review, participation in a contest you held, or just a mention on their post can affect people to be more attracted to your brand.

The other benefit you can get by offering giveaways is the more people can experience using what your brand has. Once they feel satisfied with the result, they will tend to purchase the product.

4. Quizzes

Many people love quizzes because they are fun and simple. All the audience needs to do is to answer the questions, and if they are lucky, they will get an easy prize.

You can prepare several easy questions related to your brand, it can be about your product or topics about the use of it in people’s daily life. If you choose to use hard questions, the audiences will find it less attractive.

5. Tutorials

A tutorial video about how to do things is another interesting content for your campaign. Not everyone knows how to do things, so they will need a tutorial to help them.

Make sure to create tutorials that match your brand. For example, you sell cooking products, then you can make tutorials about how to make simple cooking creations with your product, how to use the product so it can bring the best result, and many more.

These 5 types of campaigns are highly effective to get many people influenced to trust your brand and then use your products and services. Choose anything that matches your business and can bring the best of your products and services.