Influencer Marketing: Is There a Real Link with the Brand? 

Before undertaking influencer marketing, the first thing any company or influencer agency will do is to make a selection among the influencers meet the brand profile. That is to say, an influencer when talking about the brand is totally compatible, precisely because he/she shares many of the criteria and values of the company. 

Why is it so important that there is a link?

Influencers have managed to gain the trust of their followers by sharing many of their experiences. Generally, the content they share on their networks responds to their own interests. There are those who love tourism and as such are dedicated to address all kinds of issues related to this topic.  

There are others who specialize in fashion, entertainment, sports, among others; and the truth is brands tend to focus their attention precisely on those who are in tune with what they offer; because they recognize the great opportunities they will have among their community of followers. 

It is very important followers feel that their favorite influencer is “honest” when referring to a specific product. The new generations tend to be much more demanding buyers in this respect. The link with the brand must then be at least ethically, as a bad choice could cost both parties a lot. 

Some may think this could be a bit dramatic, but let’s think what would happen if you as vegans follow a vegan influencer and it turns out that from one day to the next this person starts recommending the “best cuts of meat” of a certain brand. Obviously the shock would be fatal.  

The same would happen if a fitness influencer started advertising a certain fast food chain. 

Inconsistency obviously detracts from credibility and this is something will not go unnoticed by the community of followers. Companies are well aware of this, as are influencer marketing agencies, which will always focus their efforts on finding their ideal spokesperson and ambassador among influencers. 

The role of the influencer as a powerful figure within a community

The influencer enjoys recognition among his or her followers. His work has helped him build a solid relationship with his followers and therefore he is a person who, through his opinions, can influence people’s purchasing decisions. 

For a campaign to be successful, it must have a good base of credibility. And this is precisely what companies are looking for when managing by their own means or through an agency the identification of the influencer; that is compatible with the values of the company. 

What companies seek is to gain a foothold through influencer marketing is both reliable and serves to reaffirm the influencer’s authority on those topics in which he or she specializes and which are related to the brand. 

Therefore, although at the end of the day it is quite possible the influencer does not really “love” the products they promote, it is important in practice they are at least related and can be easily linked to that brand.