Influencer Marketing Quality Advertising Within the Reach of All Companies 

If you are one of those who have been wondering why we have been hearing so much about influencer marketing lately? We tell you the experiences of millions of brands around the world show this advertising method offers very positive results in terms of time and money. 

These results have also been supported by several studies on the subject; which show the effectiveness of advertising when it is supported by a figure of such media weight as influencers. 

The appeal of influencer marketing

This strategy basically consists of a link or agreement manages to be established between two parties: companies and the figure today we know as the influencers, or kings of social networks. 

This agreement obviously does not come out of nowhere, it is the product of a dynamic  social networks have served on a silver platter; which consists of making the most of the power of influence these figures exert over their followers to influence their decision to buy a certain brand. 

Although this strategy might make you think of the old TV commercials; influencer marketing tends to have a much more direct effect on online users, which in practice can be considered one of its main attractions. 

These influencers are usually very charismatic and creative people who have managed to gather a large community can range from the smallest to the largest, with millions of loyal followers. 

These are people who through their opinions have managed to influence people, being able to generate matrices and even trends on some particular topics. They usually capture the attention of their followers with their content and their power to influence them is something highly proven.  

Different studies have concluded current buyers tend to make their purchase decisions once they have weighed them through the opinions of other users and influencers on social networks. Among these, we find the Sprout Social study with 74% of its respondents. 

Influencer marketing is based on the relationship between companies and influencers who share an audience that is of special interest to brands; as they find in them high chances to grow. 

The advantages you can find with influencer marketing

Like any process in life, to carry out a successful influencer campaign; time and resources must be invested to design a strategy plan fits the particular requirements of each brand in particular. 

Among the advantages offered by influencer marketing, we can mention it is a very viable method in economic terms; so it is considered a tool within the reach of any company. A precise investment is made with the guarantee of a successful return. 

In addition, brands can benefit from an allied community through the creation of content created by their customers, which even represents a type of free advertising. 

Influencer marketing can contribute to brands by significantly increasing visits their website, increasing interactions; as well as promoting the use of products and above all positioning the brand with a strong presence in the networks.