Influencer Marketing: The Reinvention of Advertising 

The Internet has brought about great changes in many of the ways in which things used to be done. Today, thanks to this medium, the barriers of distance have been broken down; an online economy has opened up and communications have taken an incredible leap forward. 

These transformations in the ways of operating have also become visible in the field of advertising. One example of this is influencer marketing. 

The architect of the influencers

The Internet is also responsible for the emergence of thousands of unknown people who today enjoy the status of influencers. People who through their different channels have managed to make themselves known through their messages and content on various topics. 

Internet has simplified many processes, today we have influencers, many of whom have become considered “famous”, without having walked a single time by a film or TV studio. As it sounds, many of these influencers owe everything they are to what social networks have allowed them to achieve. 

However, these people have managed to stand out thanks to their creativity and perseverance. Although compared to traditional media such as cinema, radio and TV where not everyone has free entry, the networks are an open window for everyone; the truth is it is not so easy to amass a large number of followers. 

Influencers are characterized by being highly creative, charismatic and knowledgeable about the topics they usually address; which is why they usually arouse great admiration among followers who consider them a reference. 

New forms of advertising

The availability of spaces offered by different platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, among others, has been recognized as an effective opportunity to reach people. Even more so if it is through influencer marketing, a strategy has been added to digital marketing in recent years. 

Although from a concrete analysis of influencer marketing activity, it can be determined, it has great advantages over traditional advertising; an undeniable advantage offered by the dynamics prevails in the networks, the truth is it is a reinvention of the advertising of yesteryear. 

An influencer contacted by a brand is dedicated to “sell” the excellent properties of a product to his community of followers and obviously, although the message is usually more personal; he would fulfill a role similar to any other movie or TV star when he states in a commercial his perfume is the best. 

What could make the difference is influencer marketing achieves an authentic connection with the audience of followers, who can even take an active part through their reactions and comments; something obviously the public did not have before. 

The current dynamics have changed the ways of consumption. People today demand greater authenticity to convince them about a product and it is a fact millennials in particular do not tolerate the discourse of commercials; so they bet on this proposal of influencer marketing, an activity they consider more legitimate. 

In the midst of an increasingly fierce competition to conquer spaces; brands are betting on influencer marketing because the main goal today is to connect with their target and also to achieve an immediate measurement of the effects.