Influencer Marketing Tips on Pinterest 

In various ways working on Pinterest with influencer marketing is different from working in other platforms. Brands that want to join influencer marketing on need to have a mindset. Pinterest is a visual platform. Snapchat and Instagram are such platforms too, but Pinterest is somehow different. This post tells you the influencer marketing tips on Pinterest.  

Focus more on the content  

Influence marketing on Pinterest focuses more on the content. In as much as the influence marketing targets the people they are following, there is still focus on the contact. This focus has to do with the number of engagement and the outreach that can be generated. Influencers are more likely to promote products they consider fine. Content is paramount with Pinterest. If an influencer makes a quality image, someone can find it later on the platform. Let the content stand out in such a way that searchers can find it.

Optimise the images  

If a brand chooses to make content for a campaign, various ways will enable people find it. Avoid pinning images of less quality. Pinterest is a visual platform that uses enticing and clear images. Example if of your brand is about food, use Pinterest images to make it saucy in a way that makes it relevant to buy. It is advisable to use vertical images that have an aspect ratio of 1:3:5 or 2:3. There are similar situations where you apply taller images, example you can apply multiple pictures in an image to show a recipe that is mouth-watering. Another example is that influencers can use a special pin like Rich Pin. Rich Pin are pins that offer more information directly to the pin. Rich Pin has 6 types which are Place, Product, Article, Recipe, Movie and App. Example Recipe Pin lets you add ingredient serving information and cooking times to a recipe picture. Pinterest search engines use keyword terms like Google. Even though you didn’t consider SEO when making a Facebook post or tweet, compose your Pinterest content using SEO.  

Send your products to relevant influencers so they concentrate on content  

Macro-influencers are known for quality, while micro influencers are known for content distribution. Brands can send free products to their influencers and let them share, pin and create that content. Such people are experts in making such content which becomes much visible to people later. Influencers show images of a product that is desirable.  

Target influencers who are experts in your niche  

These can be micro influencers who have a huge follower base. Brands can let them source for images on the internet, showing their products positively and pin them in a way that they could be found by followers. Pinterest is excelling in terms of content curation that’s the way majority of people make their boards. One way to do this is to focus on lifestyle images. 

Make it mobile  

There are now much mobile devices in the world than ever before. These devices are used on the internet. That’s why you have to make your campaign mobile on Pinterest, so that mobile users can reach them. 

Spread news on giveaway events on Pinterest  

You can use influencer pins on Pinterest. It is suitable for promoting competitions and giveaways. When people see a pin about a giveaway, they promote it on Pinterest and other social media accounts.