Influencer Marketing Tips on Twitter 

Majority of marketers today use influencer marketing. How effective it is depends on the aim of each marketer. The aim of influencer marketers can vary from creating authentic experience to increasing traffic on a landing page or website. This post tells you the influencer marketing tips on Twitter and they are below.  

Decide your aim  

When your aim is not known, you will not know the tools for producing the desired results. State your aim from the beginning to be on track while you involve influencers on social media platforms. Example of such aims could be: 

  • Make 3 lists on Twitter: Each group needs different frequencies and types of interaction so you have to distinguish them for more outreach. You could make them private or public. 
  • Follow five to ten people each weekday: The more you follow people on Twitter, the more you are likely to be followed. 
  • Use 30 to 60 minutes to look at the trending topic in your industry: This is to keep up to date in your industry. 

Define targets  

After deciding your aim, you have to define your target. Focus more on micro influencers that have some dedication and engage their followers. Certain tools can enable you find the voice of your brand. Tailor your posts to the voice of your brand. 

Choose tools 

Next  is to choose tools. Various applications exist for engaging and identifying influencers, spend time to get the ones that meet your needs. Some tools are free while others need an upfront subscription or fee. Begin with free tools if you are starting and then migrate the paid ones. Example of such tools are: 

  • Followerwonk: Followerwonk gives you a basic free version that lets you see your rankings on social media, use rankings and followers to get more information. 
  • Traackr: is another tool that offers in depth analysis of followers and influencers. It is another relationship management platform in which you can scale, validate, expand and manage your international influencer marketing. Arrange your influencer data in a plane, create team collaboration by assigning benchmarks, ownership and tracking conversations. 

Create your credibility  

If your Twitter profile has a minuscule following or is smaller than a stellar Twitter profile, micro influencers can avoid the profile. Create credibility on Twitter, with a photo, bio and avatar. 


Be genuine on Twitter. Your profile should tell more than just an interest in a B2B industry. Be human with it. Share and like posts. It tells them you are human and not some robot. 

Apply visuals  

Even though Twitter is a text-based platform, the use of visual makes them stand out. Add visuals with purpose. You can use a Canva illustration for this too to share a quote. Make quoted posts to attract influencers. 

Join Twitter chats  

Joining Twitter chats is another way of finding influencers. Such online chats cover various topics like marketing and education. Perform a Google search by searching for ‘best Twitter chats for’. Join conversations and use reminders.  

Feature influencers in your content  

To improve your influencer marketing, feature top influencers in a content. Make a list of the number of influencers you want on your website. Broadcast them on Twitter and conduct interviews to display their work. 

Give particular calls to action to influencers  

Once you get influencers, put them along the line with your brand to enable them advocate for you. You can make tweets in a campaign and share with influencers. Adjust your words while you add them as part of a social effort to enable influencers respond. 

Look at the pros  

Look at the pros in influencer marketing and find the best campaigns. Peruse data by searching for the best campaigns. Chrono.gg for example applies influencer marketing in publicising indie games, Econsultance  gives 11 campaigns to consider and Forbes gives some examples. Musical.ly is another example, they employ influencers.