Is There a Risk in Associating Your Brand with a Specific Influencer? 

Carrying out an effective influencer marketing campaign implies, like any other campaign, the study of the strategies to be implemented to ensure success. Among these, the most important decision is linked to the correct choice of the influencer or influencers to be linked to the brand. 

As in any process, decisions must be supported by a correct evaluation. Companies should conduct a survey on the different influencers in order to decide the one best suit their particular requirements, taking into account there are several classifications regarding these figures. 

Classification of influencers

Among the influencers there are several categories in which they are grouped in a kind of pyramid; where they are included depending on their notoriety and number of followers in the networks. This classification will be decisive for influencer marketing 

At the top of the list are those who are considered mega-influencers or celebrities class A. These are notable figures in the media, in the social sphere and with a strong presence on the networks. They are usually backed by millions of followers. They usually work for globally recognized brands. 

Next on the list are the macro influencers who have hundreds of thousands of followers and have managed to reach up to one million followers on some; if not all, of their platforms. They have a wide support supported by a strong digital exposure. 

With micro influencers, brands have the possibility of accessing a good number of followers and have a figure that; in the midst of a consolidated community, perhaps not in terms of the above cases, is able to offer quality, beyond quantity. 

These micro-influencers generally have a number of followers ranging from 10,000 to 100,000. Even so, it is assured they are able to achieve a higher engagement range between 25 and 50%. This is thanks to the direct contact these influencers maintain with their community. 

In the case of nano influencers, we are talking about people with a small community of between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. These influencers in particular are attractive for companies and small brands; since they are seen as super users who maintain a real link with the product and will speak from their experience. 

The risks of making the wrong choice of influencers

In this sense, it is important all those involved take the time to perform an analysis allows them, to determine the person or persons to be included in the influencer marketing. 

A wrong choice can be as negative as a loveless marriage. Influencer marketing must have person who meets the profile to become a credible spokesperson for the brand; and who also has a following represents a target related to the objectives of the company. 

There are several tools can facilitate the search for the ideal influencer for your campaign. Among these we can mention: 

  • Hypeauditor 
  • Heepsy 
  • Buzzsumo 
  • Followerwonk 
  • Upfluence 

Another important aspect to take into account for influencer marketing is to determine how in tune the influencer’s messages are with the brand’s values. Above all, there must be a real alliance, with which both parties can feel totally identified.