Know the Advantages of Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing has really represented for many brands an effective springboard to gain recognition and attract customers around the world, in a minimum amount of time, in some cases immediately. 

More and more companies are turning to the figure of the influencer to expand their possibilities of reaching more people and publicizing the advantages of their products; in a large community of loyal followers who are highly influenced by the opinions of this figure. 

Companies’ interest in influencers

Competition is becoming increasingly fierce, networks have enhanced the possibilities of companies to gain new spaces; however, although the task seems simple, it requires the implementation of certain strategies and the support of the right people. 

At this point it is necessary the help of experts; agencies specialized in influencer marketing with their knowledge can outline the strategies your company needs and also help locate the influencer can become the representative of your brand. 

Influencer marketing has been so important for emerging brands, thanks to the fact that, contrary to what might be believed; through the hiring of an influencer with a relatively small community (1000 to 10,000 followers) the chances the campaign will be effective are greater. 

This is thanks to the close relationship these influencers still maintain with their followers; so interaction and contact are conducive to users feel part of the experience and want to repeat it, positively impacting the brand positioning. 

Influencer marketing in general is pleasantly effective thanks to its immediacy; the feeling of trust exists between the influencer and their followers, the high visibility they enjoy and the continuous feedback. 

Today it is one of the most popular strategies thanks to the high benefits it offers. Influencer marketing allows companies to direct their objectives towards a specific segment, through an influencer that fits the company’s profile and represents its values. 

Advantages of influencer marketing

Thanks to influencers, many brands have a presence on various platforms and become known immediately. Among the great advantages this type of marketing offers to companies, we mention the following: 

  • The brand has excellent referents 
  • People are encouraged to find out more about its benefits, thus increasing traffic to the company’s website. 
  • It increases the number of potential customers 
  • The public highly influenced by this influencer, will begin to want to have their own experience with the product or services offered, which will result in an increase in sales. 
  • Conversations about the brand maintain its active presence in the networks. 
  • The application of punctual strategies contributes to the loyalty of users with the brand. 
  • The brand begins to gain recognition 
  • In addition to the above, we can affirm that influencer marketing is currently one of the most effective strategies. According to specialists in the area, its effectiveness is around 80%. 

On the other hand, the Augure Report on influencer marketing states that among the most effective actions achieved through the implementation of this strategy are product launching and content marketing. 

In general, thanks to influencer marketing, companies can experience rapid growth and acceptance among consumers that would have taken more time and money with other methods.