Learn How to Increase Your Sales Through Influencer Marketing 

Many companies today have opted for influencer marketing as a sure way to increase their sales and gain recognition within a community of potential customers in a relatively short time. 

One of the main attractions of these campaigns is the direct access influencers provide companies to their followers; in whom they find a promise to increase their sales and achieve a greater presence in the networks. 

Influencer marketing is a sure way to increase sales.

Brands have been able to recognize the great benefits influencer marketing brings them. Among these we can mention a clear improvement in brand image, increased traffic to your website, increased visibility, lead generation and undoubtedly increased sales. 

A recent IAB study on e-commerce, found that blogs are considered one of the most influential sources in purchasing decisions with 49% of respondents, while social networks and online advertising took 27% and 26% respectively. This is a reflection of the weight digital media have on their users. 

What is a fact is nowadays people seem to trust more and more the messages of people they consider “close”. An influencer, for example, fits better in range and has a great advantage over brands because he has the credibility of people; who ultimately will be more open to listen to his messages, than what they are told in a commercial. 

Influencer marketing has become a reliable strategy for companies seeking to publicize their products and brands want to gain credibility among their target audience; because the influencer provides precisely the space and the means to achieve it. 

It has a community of followers among whom companies can find great potential customers. Followers, who share their criteria and who, by matching the company’s profile, will increase sales. 

Influencer marketing allows for a closer approach

When influencer marketing is well conceived and structured, it is not really the number of follower’s matters, but the achievements of the goals set. Some companies, beyond numbers, need an excellent relationship between the influencer and his or her community and direct contact so the message reaches the desired effect. 

Nowadays, companies are making a greater effort to reach all those spaces where potential customers are located. To do so, they use the channels and formats with which they feel most identified, in order to gain their attention and keep the promise of the sale latent. 

In this task, the role of influencers has undoubtedly been fundamental because marketing actions generally tend to be directed towards this figure; rather than towards the audience itself. In any case, it is the influencer who has the responsibility to influence the consumption habits of his audience. 

This process must obviously be accompanied by certain actions to ensure an effective campaign that helps increase sales; such as interactions on social networks, the presence of the influencer already associated with the brand, sharing content such as stories, posts and videos, among others. 

The community of followers is usually attentive to the information shared by the influencer and very active about their opinions, which makes the marketing process so viable.