Linkedin For Influencer Marketing: 5 Good Reasons to Market through Influential People

While the success of LinkedIn is increasing in the world, the “Influencer Marketing” promotions that began with Instagram and YouTube have also extended to LinkedIn! Marketing studies conducted on LinkedIn by business opinion leaders can have a significant impact on sales of goods and services, especially between firms (B2B) when utilized as influencer marketing service 

Important Aspect in Corporate Procurement “Trust” 

People who purchase goods on behalf of their organizations attach value to recommendations from people who have used the same product beforehand and pursue reliability when taking their purchasing decisions. In a research conducted by the Management and Marketing Consultancy firm Demand Gen, a question was asked to the people who made the procurement decision on behalf of their organizationsand 75% of the participants said they assign more significance to the reliability of the source in terms of  making decisions in B2B marketing purposes. In addition, results from the same study suggest that in situations where there is limited time to evaluate a product commercial, 87 per cent of the participants would like to examine the posts of the influencers of the market of the same product where they mention their experiences. 

Influencers Enable direct access to the target audience 

LinkedIn highlights prominent people who hold frequent and qualified positions in a particular field to encourage those who are interested in the same subject. As a result, individuals who are perceived to be influential on LinkedIn will eventually develop a large network around them with common interests. Brands who find relevant LinkedIn Influencers in their particular area of operation will attract consumers who are specifically involved in the services or goods they offer, almost as if they had made a sectoral advertising. 

You do not need a big ad campaign to open up to the world 

LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing social media sites in the world. You can go international with LinkedIn’s small-budget marketing initiatives. Export opportunities can be built for your business through Influencer Marketing services to be offered on LinkedIn, by people with successful connections abroad. 

For less work, you can sell more 

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing has its own complexities, and LinkedIn’s operating framework is structured to precisely support these complexities. People who have a budget to be used within the year will make purchases even easier after they are confident that the promoted good or service can satisfy their needs and if they trust the advocate. 

Linkedin provides opportunities not only for B2B products, but also for B2C products 

In addition to products and services targeted for corporate demand, LinkedIn is now an important platform for influencer marketing services to be performed by B2C (company to customer). The LinkedIn community, which is mainly made up of corporate employees, can be said to consist of people with higher purchasing power relative to other social media sites. This situation illustrates the need for successful use of LinkedIn, especially for businesses who want to sell residences, cars, or high-priced technology goods.