Main Influencer Agencies 

Influencers are people who have managed to conquer the public sphere through social networks thanks to the content they post on their platforms. Many of them have even achieved fame in several countries. 

This recognition among their followers and the general public has led some agencies to turn their attention to many of these influencers; largely due to the attention they have received from companies increasingly interested in influencer marketing. 

Influencer marketing, the new way to advertise

In recent years, influencer marketing has become an effective and more direct form of advertising companies has begun to use. Undoubtedly, thanks to the relationship the influencer maintains with his community, his opinions and recommendations tend to have a much more immediate effect. 

Thanks to influencer marketing, companies can deploy their advertising campaigns achieving the desired effect; by reaching target segment and involving them effectively.  By means of this primary channel is the influencer, it is possible to achieve the goals set: consolidate the brand and increase sales, among others. 

In view of the great possibilities opened up by these gold mines influencers are, many agencies have taken on the task of connecting them with brands. Many of these agencies help companies recognize the ideal “influencer” for the campaign and even take care of the marketing design. 

Influencer agencies

In addition to sourcing talent, these influencer agencies usually have experts who help companies with the implementation of an influencer marketing campaign meets the particular needs of their business. The goal is to ensure the highest return on investment. 

Choosing the best influencer marketing agency involves a research work, where references from previous campaigns executed for other brands are of vital importance; as they will help you measure your results.  

Among the main influencer marketing agencies, we have Bruce Clay, with presence in countries such as the United States, Japan, India, Australia, Brazil and Europe. This agency is recognized for its global solutions in digital marketing. 

Another influencer agency enjoys recognition is Americanoise, which maintains a strong focus on influencers. This Miami-based agency offers a network management service, developing content, ad production, e-commerce design, among others. 

The influencer marketing agency Sway Group stands out thanks to a strategic service. Those who have worked with this agency reports it offers creative consultation throughout the process, strategic guidance and delivers reports with real-time metrics. 

The Influence agency maintains an extensive portfolio, with more than 750 clients. It is the ideal place to find the most recognized influencers: celebrities, athletes, models. The team assumes all the work, from the location of the influencer to the development of the campaign. They are professionals in digital marketing, content strategies and more. 

The vast majority of these agencies are places have all the professional expertise to help companies develop successful, fully customized campaigns because they understand that each brand is unique. 

In addition, they offer companies the possibility of measuring the results of their strategies by means of detailed reports; with which they can take additional measures in case a change in strategy is required.