Marketing Influence Everything You Need to Know Part 2  

Before you can become an influencer or learn to be an influencer, you have to know what you can do and how you will manage to perform well. Anticipation allows us to know in advance how we can manage things and how we can adapt to a situation before being a recognized expert in what we want to build. This is a key point when you want to start a project and when you want to be visible to potential contacts, looking for interesting profiles, who will call on the services of an influencer. Moreover, this absolute quest to become an influencer is linked to the search for additional and variable income. However, working as an influencer requires a certain excellence in what you produce, dexterity and perseverance, putting conviction and passion into what you do.  

We must always remain objective and realistic, that is to say, not be afraid to make mistakes and take the consequences and to consider that life is difficult and that we must always persevere to excel. Thus, regularity and rigor are greatly demanded to give rise to a development of a project and to meet a possible and accessible goal through a passion, which can lead to expertise.   

Visibility of the influencer by companies

If a brand contacts an influencer in order to publish an article, a publication or a photo via one of its social networks, this is explained by the search for greater commercial visibility.  

Social media influencers (SMI) are increasingly solicited by brands to promote products, a practice commonly referred to as influence marketing.   

SMIs can leverage their influence to earn personal rewards by partnering with brands. This level of consideration achieved by influencers is the result of hard and serious work focused on their interests. 

A person gains influence through constant work and the people who follow him, relaying his contents, which seem relevant and attractive to them. This refers to the success of goals and not a desire to become an influencer. This vision greatly appeals to brands that prefer to rely on the authenticity and sustainability of the work of an influencer and the role of the character rather than on the alleged and brevity. Then, an influencer gets more fans joining his niche than those of other universes. This phenomenon allows him or her to gain in visibility and eventually reach brands, which follow him, and notice that he focuses on a sample of people that they themselves want to target.  

Consumers are turning to social media influencers: individuals who distinguish themselves by their personal style and their ability to attract a broad audience. What influencers wear, where they travel and who they listen to intrigue and inspire their followers.  

Finally, influence marketing can be used as a reward for everything a person has been able to do to achieve, what they wanted, and to be visible to companies. 

How Influence Marketing Works

The rise of the Internet and social networks has pushed brands to adapt to this trend by being more imaginative and thoughtful in implementing innovative and efficient methods and strategies, in order to target demanding and receptive consumers to intrusive advertising, respond to their demand and expand their clientele.  

Engaging an influencer greatly facilitates the marketing campaign through a more authentic and close message, for users, relayed by an opinion leader.   

Today, consumers have changed their behavior towards the media. Millennials worldwide (16-30) are 63% of the time connected on social networks and consume less and less traditional channels such as radio or TV. Social networks are therefore a real challenge for brands.