Marketing Influence: Everything You Need to Know Part 3  

How Influence Marketing Works (Continued)

However, some elements specific to any influencer are necessary before starting a partnership: the size of the community, the strength of the engagement rate, the number of publications and the rate of printing.  

The size of the community, refers to the number of followers of the influencer on each of his or her social networks. When launching a digital influence campaign, influencers with a lot of subscribers tend to promote greater targeting of people, and thus a multitude of profiles  

For this process to begin, the engagement rate, referring to the total interactions in relation to the number of subscribers, must be high, so as to ensure that the influencer’s audience is maintained and does not change, and that the influencer retains his or her popularity, hence promoting excellent influencing relationship management.  

It is also important and recommended to choose an influential influencer on social networks with productive results, who constantly posts content and who has good relationships with his followers.  

Finally, it is important to consider that the engagement rate of each influencer also plays a major role. It refers to all the listeners who actually look at their publications and are thus affected. 

The choice of the social platform: Blog or Social Network?

First, when we speak of an influencer, we refer to his person and not to the techniques by which he seeks to express himself.  

An influencer gets this role without knowing it because he knows how to handle and use the means at his disposal.  

Unless, an influencer is already a celebrity, they do not usually start at the top, but rather work hard to get there, driven by the passion and perseverance many customers turned into influencers.  

However, brands must set their own objectives and make the right choices in terms of communication or visibility. It is therefore necessary to understand how this maneuver works and leads partnerships between company or marketing agencies and influencers.  

For example, an Instagram influencer with a large number of followers will be much more visible, reliable and influential than a blogger when broadcasting content such as a very short image or video.  

Since Instagram is a youthful social network, It affects not only those aged 15 to 25 year olds but also those over the age of 25, as technology seems to move all generations together or force them to adopt it. This allows influencers to quickly grow in visibility by leading to a broader targeting of their customers and the conquest of a new market. This method refers to the construction of their brand images and/or the companies they work with.  

The blog is more related to backlinks and an audience with the aim of targeting publishers, brands and actors wishing to make themselves known or make known a specific action by retailer. 

In reality, the creation of a blog may seem captivating and useful. Nevertheless, this approach requires:  

  • A certain degree of attention,  
  • An ample amount of motivation,  
  • Strong activity in the dissemination of articles to face the competition,  
  • To be brief, concise and relevant in your posts using simple terms and avoiding grammar and spelling mistakes,  
  • Patience in the expectation of concrete results,  
  • A touch of creativity.