Marketing Influence: Everything You Need to Know Part 4  

The choice of the social platform: Blog or Social Network? (Continued)

All of these criteria are essential to building and maintaining a community of listeners. Unfortunately, despite this continuity since the advent of the internet, the use of the blog seems to be fading and influencers prefer to turn more and more to social networks. There is no longer a need to have a blog to become an influencer. Social networks are much more reliable in the development of an influencers’ image and business. They are also more effective in a broad targeting of people and broadening its visibility.  

For example, 1 in 3 Internet users follow at least one influencer on social networks. The results of the survey show that it is important since one in three (34%) Internet users report that they subscribe to one or more accounts driven by an influencer. It is therefore a significant enough proportion to speak of a well-established use of influence marketing 

The biggest influencers are also YouTube and Instagrammers.  

Of course, we must not question the absence of influential bloggers. Nevertheless, they are not necessarily an appropriate example of influence marketing.  

Social networks solicited for influence marketing   

Every social network plays a major role in society and has a positive or negative impact on the lives of consumers. It is therefore necessary to think beforehand about the choice of platform to use to launch an influence marketing campaign.  

This concerns social networks such as:  

  • Facebook is considered the most well-known social network and one of the most used. On average, users spend 6:45h per month of their time on the latter.  
  • Twitter is the social platform sharing the latest news of the moment and rumors.  
  • Snapchat is favored by young people aged 13 to 20. It is the ideal and most appropriate platform to use to target Millennials.  
  • Instagram is the most youthful social network and one of the most active. 46% of users follow brands on Instagram, the social network of choice for visual content.  
  • YouTube which lists an increasing number of users between 18 and 49 years old. These users report that they view more videos on this influencer platform than on any other television channel. 

Over 71% consider influence marketing to be strategic or highly strategic. Influence marketing thus serves to take advantage of the reputation, influential strength and authenticity of an influencer to bring visibility and credibility to its brand.  

Activities of content creators   

Studies show that the purpose of digital creators is to produce and share content related to a particular field (travel, fashion, or sport for example) while using certain artistic and technical skills to illustrate this fact on social networks.  

Once an influencer has reached a significant number of fans, in other words “followers”, marketers will try to get in touch with in order to make their brands known on social media, Increase their visibility and sales through influencers 

Often, these specialists are looking for people whose image will be able to reflect the values of their brand and form contracts with them: Under contract, an influencer will need to use their skills to create attractive positions where one or more products created by the brand will be promoted.