Most Famous Influencer Marketing Agencies 

Companies can no longer ignore the importance of influencers within the business; therefore it is reasonable for new lines of work and markets to emerge. In this way, influencer marketing agencies are a nascent market, but very necessary and highly lucrative in these times. 

These agencies provide an important service for brands; they provide valuable assistance to companies that cannot afford to introduce an entire influencer-based marketing department. So they provide facilities to associate with these personalities, as you will see in these famous agencies dedicated to these purposes:

1. Viral Nation

It is a global influencer marketing and talent agency, representing these personalities on social media and managing their campaigns. With a reach of more than 8 million searches, today it is the longest and most exclusive talent network of its kind. 

But they are also one of the most efficient, since it is a full-service agency that focuses on public relations, creative development, and brand amplification. This is nothing that cannot be expected from an agency that has Disney, GoPro, Coca-Cola, and MacDonalds in its client portfolio.

2. August United

It was born as a digital advertising agency that decided to venture into influencer marketing, as a form of authentic and more organic marketing than the traditional one. So today they offer complete talent management, conference planning, content creation, and bell integration services. 

It is also an award-winning agency for content and strategic partnerships, facilitating relationships between influencers and brands such as PetSmart and Grocery Giant.

3. Opeininfluence

This agency provides its marketing services based on creativity and real data, combining a technology platform, corporate information, and high quality. With which they have gained a portfolio of 1000 Premium clients in around four countries. 

Their work focuses on creating quality content through creative strategy, influencer identification, campaign management, and reporting. All this is to generate authentic and organic traffic and engagement.

4. Influencer Marketing Agency

IMA is a company that specializes in helping brands tells their stories thanks to influencers, with its full service focused on Instagram and other platforms. Their work can be evidenced in campaigns with L’Oreal, Diesel, and Farfetch, and their results are clear when noting the number of followers these brands have. 

It is also one of the agencies by which influencers die to be represented. So pay close attention to their latest movements and campaigns in the market, because they are all professionals.

5. The Amplify

As its name implies, this company focuses on amplifying the messages that brands want to deliver to the audience. They use the most influential creators in the market to spread the content, and are possibly the most exclusive agency on the list since they only deal with top-tier brands, like Pepsi and FOX. 

However, many more worthwhile influencer marketing agencies on the market have the potential to optimize a brand’s message through internet personalities. So never rule out the possibility of including the services of these agencies in your line of work, especially if you have a brand that needs a boost.