On Demand Printing: Everything You Need to Know Part 1

When it comes to e-commerce, on demand printing is one of the major advances in digital technology. On demand printing has the merit of presenting little investment risk. It can even very easily become profitable.  

Simply put, on demand printing allows you to market printed products online. As such, in a 3 parts articles, we will be providing you with everything you need to know about on demand printing. 

What is on demand printing?

On demand printing is materialized by goods that are printed as the demand arises. The innovation here is that to sell your products, you no longer have to make purchases in advance to build up a stock and you no longer risk ending up with a lot of unsold products at the end of the year.  

On demand printing is thus based on the concept of dropshipping insofar as you sell products that you never have to stock. You just wait for your customers to place an order, the order will then be sent to your printing provider who will print your design on the product, do the packaging and then directly deliver the item to your customers. 

Each order paid for will constitute for you an income and this, based on actions that will have consisted of uploading your designs on your sales site and selling them to internet users.   

On demand printing requires little to no initial investment since there is almost no logistical preparation to do. Suffice to say that on demand printing is within the reach of everyone, both novice entrepreneurs and experienced e-merchants. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of on demand printing?

The first advantage to mention here is that with on demand printing, you can create a brand at a lower cost since it allows you first to test new products or new marketing ideas without having to build up a previous stock.  

It’s a cheap solution to monetize your business as a designer, creator, blogger, or even an influencer.  

On demand printing has also the advantage of allowing you to offer unique, original products that will appeal to specific targets.   

You will also appreciate the fact that you can set yourself up as an e-merchant invested exclusively in the on demand printing business as well as an entrepreneur specialized in dropshipping 

The other advantage of on demand printing is its ability to pave the way for the marketing of products that are designed without a heavy initial investment. 

In practice, it has also been found that the delivery time of on demand printed products is by far faster than the classic dropshipping or even the online sale of products available in stock.  

Finally, with on demand printing, the risks are reduced, not to mention the fact that you can change products and tactics the way you like. 

However, like any e-commerce innovationon demand printing has some disadvantages.  

First of all, the margins you can grapple with are quite small, so you won’t get rich overnight. This conclusion is logical since the cost of production here is higher than for the products manufactured in order to build up a stock.  

Nonetheless, you can rely on the variety and originality of your products to attract the maximum number of customers.  

Additionally, the other disadvantage lies in the fact that your ability to customize your products will greatly depend on the provider you have chosen as well as the types of products you will market.