Online Seminar, Why and What Are the Types of Seminars? 

Usually organized once or twice a year, seminars are the perfect time to combine conviviality and work. In the current context, a large number of internal events have been cancelled, but some companies still want to maintain their internal events by digitizing them. Thus, the organizers had to be creative and innovative. They opted for online conferences on Zoom, Google Meet or Whereby, during which they used tools like Klaxoon and Beekast to innovate and ensure the attendance of all participants. Some also offered fun online activities to create a moment of conviviality and strengthen team cohesion during confinement and post-deconfinement. 

 In this article, we will discuss the advantages of an online seminar and different types of seminars that you can organize 

Advantages of an Online Seminar

Online seminar has many advantages in terms of efficiency and practicality. In addition, it saves time and money and is accessible to everyone. All it takes is a high-speed, stable internet connection. 

Organizing an event takes a lot of effort. It is necessary in particular: 

  • Determine the number of participants, 
  • Find an event space capable of welcoming all those attendees, 
  • Go to the site to ensure that the room meets the standards and needs of the event, 
  • Possibly rent audio-visual equipment, 
  • Use a catering service, hire hostesses, security guards … 
  • Prepare badges, brochures, provide goodies, etc. 

In short, it’s quite a hard job. 

On the other hand, with the online seminar, you have the choice between reserving a room or staying at your office or at home and Internet users attend the conference from their homes, comfortably seated in their seats. All you have to do is set a date, choose a good speaker, and of course, make sure they’ve got the video conferencing software flawless and mastered the art of hosting a virtual meeting. 

Nevertheless, it is essential to target the audience well and to put in place a good communication plan to promote the event. To do this, use all the tools at your disposal: social networks, website, email invitation … In the end, it does not take more than three weeks to prepare your online seminar. 

Different Types of Online Seminars

Whatever your goals are, there is a seminar that can meet them! Here are briefly the different models and their respective objectives: 

  • Incentive: motivate and congratulate your teams for their good results and the performances achieved.
  • Team building: improve team cohesion and the motivation of your employees through a fun and original activity.
  • Strategic: prepare the objectives and the strategy of the company between directors and managers.
  • Integration: present your values ​​and your culture to new employees in order to integrate them even more quickly into your company.
  • Training: train your employees to improve their technical orbehaviouralskills. 
  • Awareness: make your employees aware of good practices on subjects that are important to you (sustainable development, disability at work, burnout, meeting, etc.).
  • Change management: support the change to allow better ownership on the part of your employees and ensure the success of the transformation.