Social Media Marketing Trends in Asia 

With over 1 billion users, social-media-marketing-trends-in-Asia is a crucial marketing tool, particularly as the pandemic spreads. About 64% of people in Eastern Asia and about 55% of Southeast Asian people are projected to use social media for marketing or other purposes. 

In today’s Asia, messaging between businesses and consumers is the predominant mode of communication. As a result, Asian developers have developed social media sites and apps that facilitate engagement, advertisement, payments, and other features to help business owners and clients connect more effectively. 

Let us consider, some of those messaging tools as it is used in Asia. 

Messaging apps dominate the social media landscape in Asia. Some of these cutting-edge apps were designed to act as browsers, allowing brands to directly deliver services and connect with users. Some of these apps are; WeChat, LINE, Facebook Messenger and KakaoTalk 


China has explicitly banned Facebook, but developers have more than compensated for the lack of Messenger. As a result, they developed “WeChat,” a revolutionary app that currently dominates China’s social media scene. 

WeChat offers users messaging, social networking, and payment applications, with over 900 million regular users and one billion monthly users. City Services, for example, allows users to book a taxi, order food, purchase movie tickets, pay water bills, and access other services. 

Influencer marketing in Asia 

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are another name for influencers. It is a valuable resource for Asian marketers. By promoting your brand on their website, an influencer with over 10,000 followers can assist business owners in reaching their target audience. It is a very successful way to encourage business in Asia, and businesses that use it see great results. 


While WeChat appears to be free for users, LINE charges businesses a fee to set up accounts. For small business owners, LINE has a less expensive app. The app, also known as Line@, charges a one-time fee for small to mid-sized companies to build accounts. In 2017, LINE was discovered to have over 2 million business users in Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan. 

Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger has become a very common messaging platform in Asia, and it was designed to be very simple to use, thus catering to Asian user preferences. To allow for more engagement between businesses and consumers, Facebook had to launch a Business on Messenger. 


The KakaoTalk messenger app is well-known among Asians and residents, especially in South Korea. It is common in South Korea and is primarily used by business owners for client interaction. According to the results, about 41% of South Koreans use KakaoTalk, while only about 12% use Facebook Messenger. It means that, as opposed to Facebook Messenger or any other messaging app, KakaoTalk has a higher profile in South Korea. According to the latest figures, KakaoTalk has over 50 million users, making it a precious business and advertising platform. 

In Asia, social media marketing has unique characteristics; it has proven to be the most effective way to promote businesses and a very effective tool during this epidemic; in reality, it has become the new normal in the face of business advertising.