Social Networks: Platforms Par Excellence for Marketing Influencers 

The existence of the influencer phenomenon is largely due to social networks. Thanks to these platforms, which are an open window for people who wish to make known their opinions and analysis on various topics; many unknown people have managed to capture the public’s attention. 

Social networks have been considered much more democratic and open media for citizens. However, this facility has also come to represent a double-edged sword, especially when the people who have them manage a hate speech. 

Social networks as a springboard for influencer marketing

Social networks have made it possible through the opinion of any user who manages to make an impact; viralization can take place and thus lay the foundations for a new ideological current will keep people’s attention on this particular issue for some time. 

Within this dynamic, the influencer is the person who, by supporting his opinion or analysis on a particular fact; manages to capture the attention of his followers, and in the dynamics reaches other online communities and even the media, when his performance is relevant. This regardless of whether the topic is serious or not. 

In the relationship with his followers, the influencer is characterized by maintaining close contact with his followers. Making them feel that he/she works for them and because of them. The idea in this whole process is to build trust, show empathy and achieve lasting relationships. In this way he can successfully influence them. 

Among the main characteristics of a good influencer is a great ability to create trends, through quality content has the ability to generate public interest. 

Companies, taking into account the great advantages offered by social networks as open channels for communication and the dynamics of influencers with their followers; have recognized a great opportunity to improve their sales and achieve the positioning of their brands through influencer marketing. 

Influencer marketing

Without social networks, traditional advertising, TV commercials and radio spots reserved for established “artists” would continue to prevail. To social networks, many influencers owe their current recognition, their public exposure and the signing of companies consider them a key piece to publicize their brand. 

According to a study conducted by Twitter in 2016, approximately 49% of users and consumers usually seek advice from influencers before making any purchase. This fact obviously makes it more than conducive to the development of influencer marketing as a safe strategy. 

Companies, aware of this reality and the great trust many consumers tend to place in their favorite influencers; have opted to invest in influencer marketing, conscious of the great advantages this type of advertising offers: less money, greater reach and effectiveness in terms of results. 

Among the most used networks for influencer marketing, Instagram is at the top of the list; YouTube is the undisputed leading platform for the publication of videos. In fact, a recent study conducted by “Think with Google” states Youtube’s ROI is higher than of TV ads. Other important networks in influencer marketing are TikTok and Facebook.