Ten Best Platforms to Sell your Products Online

As the e-commerce business grows, more websites where you can sell and buy emerges. So, there are countless online stores where you can sell your products if you have your products. Are these platforms all safe? Definitely not. This is why you need a piece like this to show you the tested and trusted sites to sell your products. 


This is a well known online marketplace. It probably the first that comes to mind when thinking about selling online. Amazon has gained people’s trust over the years, and they also added to their credibility by verifying all sellers. This marketplace sells well over 500 products per minute. It helps you to show the world your product.  


This marketplace is a bit different. Here you can be able to create your marketplace and sell your products to the world. It comes with a very user-friendly interface and several applications that can enable you to add features to your store based on your preferences. 


This marketplace is for people with artwork, handmade products, antiques, etc. This platform has a good name. They charge for listing, and when you sell, you will be charged both a processing fee and 5% of the transaction. It’s a good place if your products fall into the right niche. 


If you seek an online marketplace with a mark difference. eBay has been in business since 1995 and is the place to sell irrespective of the type of product. They charge for product listing, and they currently have more than 1.3 billion product listings. They also charge an insertion fee when you list your already listed product in another category. 


This platform enables you to sell to 190 countries. The platform offers a free account with few days to test out the features. The paid version operates on annual membership. The platform provides a school where you can learn the nitty-gritty of making the platform’s best use. 


This is a niche online marketplace for those selling jewelry. Two great things about this platform are that it is free to join and list. The second thing is that it pays you to get customers to buy from you. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this if this is your niche. 


This is the marketplace for furniture and home decor. You register, list your products, and sell. They will charge from the selling price. The products must be of high quality before they can be accepted for listing on the platform. 


If you have got products that fall into the tech category, such as gaming products, computers, electronics, etc. Then here is the right marketplace for you. Its online marketplace is targeted at aged 18-34. They reach out to the world from their distribution facilities in North America and Canada.  


This is another online marketplace for your products. It is relatively cheap to register and maintain. Here you can easily set up an online shop, and the good news is that you pay only when you make sales. This platform already has more than 70,000 merchants with well over 40 million products. 


This is the platform for you if you operate locally and if you handle your transactions by yourself. This platform enables you to list your products, and people can search for details there. This is absolutely free for registration, product listing, and selling compared to others where you are required to pay.