Ten Tips for Creating an Effective Influence Marketing Campaign Part 3  

7. Posts are not infomercials

When you collaborate with the right influencer on a social network that matches your brand’s personality, it’s often the organic ecosystem that matters most. Sometimes an image of your influencer who holds or uses your product in an ordinary environment is sufficient. 

Campaign results are always better when the audience gets to the message on their own.

8. Structure your editorial calendar

Influence marketing campaigns are most effective when they are coordinated across all of your social networks and aligned with the rest of your marketing initiatives, whether they are blog posts, events, posts in social media.  

Putting your influencer marketing campaign at the heart of your marketing strategy is an effective way to get your audience and potential prospects to your sales pipes.

9. Check content before publication

This is where you will have to do a real balancing act. Giving your influencer creative freedom while maintaining your brand’s tone can be risky. Before you jump in headlong and put your influencer posts online, check that they are in line with your campaign goals. In summary, you need to allow your influencer to express themselves creatively while maintaining an editorial eye on all posts, images, and videos prior to posting. 

10. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation

This is the less creative side of influence marketing. One of the benefits of social media marketing is the sheer volume of data and the resulting diagnostics. It is important to define what will determine the success of your influence marketing campaign. The number of “likes” or comments obtained by a post does not really reflect the success of a campaign. 

Dive into Google Analytics and analyze where your site traffic is coming from. If you see a spike related to your influencer social media, if there is an increase in leads or sales, if the number of your followers and their engagements has increased, or if your turnover has exploded. 

Collaborating with influencers also allows for better visibility and better monitoring of the performance of any campaign. Using your program’s standard tracking links, attribution coupons, or click referrals defined with your influencer can provide you with accurate real-time information on your campaign’s performance. The clicks, transactions and help visible on your analytics interface will show you the direct results of traffic and interactions with the influencer posts as well as the contacts that the influencer may have brought to your site. 

In summary

Influence marketing is very effective in making a brand more visible. Executed creatively, an influence marketing campaign can get your audience to check out your social media and blog. Use influencers strategically to complement your marketing initiatives.  

By following the ten tips set out above, your brand will be able to cultivate stronger and more organic connections with your target audience, which will allow you to improve the reach and visibility of your brand, increase its awareness and establish more natural and effective mutual relationships between your brand and your audience, fostering both marketing and business success for your brand.