The Importance of Trust in E-Commerce and How It Can be Built Up

Trust is a social capital every business is supposed to start with. Particularly, for an e-commerce business, you can’t go too far without a high degree of honesty and integrity. Your customers, on the other side, will pick it that you can be trusted. Even if anyone tries your platform for once and gets disappointed, you have lost that customer’s trust.  

 It’s not always about the one customer you lost; it’s about the seven to ten other people that the dissatisfied customer will tell recommending never to do business with you. So, why not gain one customer’s trust so that he can tell five or six people your quality service. Which do you think is best for you? Your guess is right as mine. Below are ways to gain customer’s trust in the e-commerce business; 

Goods Delivery 

If you inform customers, their goods will be delivered by a particular time. It’s best you deliver before the time and not after the time. If there will be a change in the arrangements, communicate it early enough and apologize. Let it come with some compensation. This is very important. 

Customer Service 

Your customer service will either make or mar you. This is why you will need to invest in your customer service team. Train them and create policies with procedures that customer-centric. They must be polite, friendly, and courteous while handling customers. They need to know that whatever they do wrong with a customer, the business has done it. They must be well informed and be adequately trained to fulfill their promises to customers, no matter how small.  

Goods Quality 

If you intend to gain customer’s trust, you must deliver the exact quality of products customers saw on your platform and made payment for them. Don’t play any trick with a customer. You can only fool them once. That’s if you don’t land in a lawsuit. This is one of the easiest ways to earn customer’s trust. Deliver the exact product quality you promised. 

Open Process 

Ensure you have a transparent process that customers can easily understand. Let it be clear to customers so they can always refer to it when transacting with you. It also makes them know what to expect. This means that your processes must be followed strictly because even customers are watching you. If there is any reason, you won’t follow the right procedure in any situation and communicate with customers to know what’s going. 


From the moment the customer makes an order, either pay on delivery or instant payment, ensure the customer is adequately informed about the order. As it moves from one place to the other and how long it will take to get to the customer eventually. If you don’t carry customers along with the correct information, you can earn their trust. 

These five areas must be well utilized if you intend to gain customer’s trust and build on it for effective repeat business. If this piece has informative, kindly share your opinions in the comments section.