The Most Innovative Start-Ups in the Tech Sector [2020] 

Big Data, artificial intelligence, machine learning… these advances have already surrounded us for some time. And tech start-ups want to take this opportunity to revolutionize different sectors such as health, business and education. Review the most notable companies in 2020 in each industry. Take a leap into the future with these innovative start-ups that are defining a new reality. 

FinTech start-ups 


Industry: Financial services, payment, cryptocurrency 

Location: London 

Revolut defines itself as a general money app. It offers a lot of services that relate to savings, mobile payments, international transfers, savings instruments or the purchase of cryptocurrency and gold in an instant. After its creation in 2015, Revolut continued to develop its services to adapt to a hyperconnected world. 


Industry: Fintech, payment, security 

Location: New York 

Privacy.com is a new way to shop online without sharing personal information or a credit card. With Privacy.com, we create a new card number for each purchase, this way we avoid potential security breaches in e-commerce or hidden withdrawals. 

Biotech start-ups 


Industry: Software, cloud services 

Location: San Francisco, Boston 

Benchling is a platform that accelerates, measures and predicts in scientific research, making it faster and more collaborative. Often, research has outdated IT resources. Benchling seeks to increase the amount of scientific output with a platform for researchers to design and run experiments, analyse data, and share results. 


Industry: AI, Machine Learning 

Location: Istanbul 

Emoty.AI provides emotion identification services, using deep learning techniques in combination with physiological data such as pulse sensor and facial recognition. These techniques help companies in industries like advertising, film, television or UX to discover when customers or targets lose interest. 

Health-tech start-ups 


Industry: Digital health, Big Data, IA 

Location: Berlin 

Xbird uses AI in smartphones and wearables to predict and prevent health risks. Currently they are applying their technology to the prevention of hypoglycaemia in patients with diabetes, by observing their behaviour and blood sugar level. 

Luma Health

Industry: Digital health, Apps, SaaS 

Location: San Francisco 

Luma aims to simplify and improve the patient experience. Through a platform, the patient can make an appointment, receive reminders, communicate with the doctor or receive assistance by video call, among other things. In this way, management becomes automatic and calls and cancellations are reduced. 

EdTech start-ups 

To Cloud Guru

Industry: Education, Cloud Computing 

Location: London 

They introduce themselves as the Netflix of cloud learning. A Cloud Guru is created by engineers and provides courses of different levels, specialized in cloud computing, with a hands-on and fun approach. In the industry, where keeping up to date is imperative, they have already registered more than 1.5 million students. 


Industry: Education, SaaS, e-commerce platform 

Location: New York 

In a booming time in online training, Teachable allows anyone to create and sell online courses in a very easy way and with a personalized web. The platform already hosts more than 22,000 active teachers from different sectors. Large companies use the platform to train their employees.