Things to Know About Lead Ads 

Lead ads are among the tools you can use to generate leads. They are powerful for campaigns and are among the type of ad you can use. You can use lead ads to optimise conversion, target audience and research about customers. This post tells you the things to know about lead ads. 

What are Facebook lead ads?  

Facebook lead ads are ads that has a form embedded on it. You can gather some personal information about your audience by exchanging something with them. With lead ads you can know more of your audience. It is an ad that consists of the contact information of the user. When someone taps on the ad, a form pops up above that promotion. The form has the email addresses of the user so that they use their information. Any industry can use lead ads, including real estate agencies, ecommerce platforms and Saas firms. 

Benefit of using lead ads  

  • Facebook lead ads come with mobile optimisation. Note that 95% of its visits on Facebook are mobile users. The use of mobile friendly ads ensures a simple sign up, with seamlessness. 
  • Dynamic ads can influence interaction and Facebook likes. 
  • You can add information you collected to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service. 
  • It is pre-populated with the email address and contact name. 
  • You can customise it completely for various situations. 

Best practices for using lead ads

Follow it up

Send an email quickly to thank someone with an incentive when you see a sign up with your ads. In this way you can go on with the conversation. 

Test your ads

You can optimise, test and track your lead according to performance to help you to improve. 


Don’t ask for excessive information with the ad. You can reach a balance with the data and enable users to sign up. 

Be clear with your offer

Tell Facebook users why you are collecting those information. Be concerned with privacy and add an intro section. 

Give them an incentive

Lead ads involves a big ask. When you offer coupon code or free eBook, it will encourage your users. Find the best assets and offer them to your exchange your personal details. 

Apply a template you can recognize

Facebook ads go through various ads on a daily basis, you have to make the ads recognizable. Apply the right template on your ad so that people will know when they come across. You can be more cohesive by making ads with a particular theme.  

Ask proper questions

Your questions should have particular goals. If your ad is for newsletters, ask customers their name and not their age. When you add questions that refer to the base value, that’s the value for someone when he signs up, it creates more chance of conversion. Build content with your questions. 

Target audience appropriately

When you target the proper audience, it cuts down leads that are unqualified. With this you can promote conversions, since those who view those ads are the ones interested.