Tips for Finding Proper Influencers 

Finding proper influencers is crucial to your business. 63% of today’s marketers have about ten or more marketing influencers in their circle. Influencers are relevant because they connect your audience to the trusted peers. This post tells you how to find the right influencers for your business and they are below. 

Use influencer marketing platforms  

Influencer marketing platforms enable one to find influencers in a way that is simple and faster. They let them find databases of their influencers filtering it based on social platforms, engagement, group and reach. You can measure, track and run campaigns and conduct an outreach that’s efficient. Example of such platforms are Tribe, Hypr, BuzzStream, BuzzSumo and Grin. 

Outreach platforms

When searching for influencer bloggers check out their content and take note of the topics on the blog. Get in touch with the ones that meet your criteria, social media statistics and Domain Authority. This looks tedious for finding influencers since it is a manual method. Blogging outreach platforms like GroupHigh, BuzzStream, BlogDash and Inkybe can serve. They are platforms that can enable you find influencers in your business. 

Google Alerts  

This is another method for finding proper influencers. Create alerts for keywords that matches your brand. Post topics that actually relate to your products  or industry. Doing this will enable you find posts that has your mentions and it lets you find brand advocates that are relevant. 

Use social media  

The best way to get influencers is to go for ones that are talking about you already. Social media or blog posts that talk about your brand will find the proper influencers. Social media listening or monitoring tools enable you to find influencers that talk about your industry or you. Social listening and monitoring tools like Simply Measured, Mention or Hootsuite enables you track mentions of your brand on social media. With this you can respond to comments from customers and get influencers who speak about you. 

Apply hashtags  

Hashtags enable you to be accessible and search content on social media platforms. So look for search tags applicable to your brand. It can enable you get proper influencers for your business. Follow the steps below to get relevant influencers. 

  • Once you come across an appealing post, search for the profile of the creator. 
  • You can take such people as potential influencers if they fit your bill. 
  • Check out the niche of that appealing content. 

If such influencers have a reasonable number of followers, check out the rate of engagement. Instagram Money Calculator is a tool that you can use to check out the rate of engagements to get an idea of the influencer. Tools like HashtagsForLikes can enable you get in touch with hashtags that are most popular in a niche. With hashtags, you can find the influencers that are most relevant.  

Search for such influencers on Instagram and check the results. You can do this by typing #influencer, #ad, #blogger and #sponsored. Finding the influencers is a great way to boost a brand.