Tips for Generating Links on Social Media 

Link building is a way to promote rankings and visibility of your website. It helps to make a website appear on a top page of a search engine. There are certain techniques and rules for building links. This post tells you the tips for generating links on social media.  

Use local business citations  

If you run a local business, local link building can be an essential thing for you. You can use back-links to attract more traffic from various people. There are people who use local businesses and searches that are near them. The use of Local Business Citations are primary factors for improving search engine positions. There are 3 terms for using local citations which are Name, Phone Number and Address. When making a local business citation, use the same address that shows on a website. Note that the citation links enable search engines and local rankings like Bing, Yahoo and Google, to verify location of advertising business. Links from Bing Local, Yellow Pages, Yahoo, Local and Yelp helps in building trust and promote rankings in your local search results.  

Use of internal links 

Some links move from one page to another in a website. Internal linking is not something to ignore since it can help boost a website. Go for keyword phrases on your page and link it to a home page or an inner page, to enable users explore the website and stay. 

Advantages of internal linking  

  • Promote page authority and move link juice to the rest of the pages. 
  • Cut down the bounce rate of a website. 
  • Promote indexation and crawl ability of a website. 
  • Promote older posts with some exposure and traffic. 
  • Promote keyword rankings for necessary content and positioned internal links. 
  • Find keyword phrases that can link to other page content . 

Use latest and updated posts  

Adding a call to action and updates in the headline can promote initial back links. This can keep your website on the first page. The user can click on the page profile, for these updates. Phrases like ‘top’, ‘discount’, ‘free’, ‘get’, ‘try’, ‘greatest’ are such phrases. Other phrases you can add are ‘best’, ‘unbelievable’, ‘most’, ‘newest’ and so on.  

Set up links from trusted sites 

Google wants to leave only sites with some degree of trust on their search results. When you make your links from trusted sites, you are promoting the authority of that search and putting it on top for search results. Therefore build links from such websites. 

Use Scoop.it  

 This is a website for content curation where you can pick a favorite to share, and publish. Scoop.it is one of such citation sites. Others are Lifehacker and BuzzFeed. 

Build links for social share and use infographics  

Websites for social sharing helps users to bookmark, edit, share and add content to get more back links and traffic. Such sites are Reddit, medium.com, GrowthHackers, DesignerNews, Slash.dot, Flipboard and Hubpages. Use clearing tags and add infographics. 

Use question based sites and connect on blogs  

This is another tip for building links on Question-based sites like StackOver flow, AskDeb, Moz Community can encourage visitors. Comment on top ranking blogs too. 

Use Link Roundups  

This refers to the daily, weekly or monthly summary of your best content. You can use Google Advanced Operator, connect with blogger and use engaging posts for this.