Tips for Guest Blogging 

Guest blogging has to do with getting your blog posts published on another blog or publishing someone’s else blog on your blog. This is a way to to improve traffic. There are certain measures or tips for guest blogging. This post tells you the tips for guest blogging. 

Pitching a guest blogging post  

The following tips will enable you pitch a guest blogging post. 

Know the content of the blog  

What’s the content of the blog? Check whether there is a keyword searched for on the blog when searching for guest blogging platforms. Find answers to questions like? 

  • What’s the kind of content on that blog? Is it tutorials or another particular concept? Is it list? 
  • What kind of audience is the content of the blog meant for? The blog post audience varies according to content. 
  • What is the level of the audience of the blog? Are they advanced, intermediate or beginners? 

Check out the performance of other guest posts

The essence of guest blogging  is to generate traffic and authorise your website. Have a mechanism for checking how guest blogs perform. 

Who are the guest bloggers?

Various blog owners accept guest bloggers. Such guest bloggers could be business owners, consultants, freelancers and fellow bloggers. That’s why you have to introduce yourself to the owner of that blog.  

Promote your best content  

Search out for the best content on your website and pitch owners of blogs with them. Gather some good topics that functions well on your blog. The following sites can enable you see the popular posts on social media. 

  • Buzzer: With Buzzer you can schedule a post on social media to offer analytics and data. 
  • Digg: Digg will tell you the blog post with the highest number of votes. 
  • Octopus: Octopus can report and track your performance on social media. 

Get familiar with a blog community

Get familiar with a blog community to promote guest blogging. You can use one week or two for this and then comment on the latest posts of the blog. When you share posts on Twitter you can get bonus points. 

Best practices for guest blogging  

The following practices below are the best practices for guest blogging.  

Read guidelines

Read the guidelines properly, if that’s applicable and follow closely. What does the blog owner want, a full post or a pitch? What format does the blog owner want it? Does he want you to open a WordPress account?  

Personalise emails

Your email should contain the contact information and name of the blog owner targeted.  

Introduce yourself

When contacting a blog owner, introduce yourself with the name of your blog and talk more about your blog. Your introduction should tell the blog owner that you want to promote the best content of your blog on his own blog.