Tips for Hosting Giveaways 

You can host giveaways on various platforms on social media like Instagram. It is a mechanism that encourages more followers. The tips in this article will help host a giveaway.   

Keep off from loop giveaways  

Loop giveaways seem to be a popular method of hosting a giveaway, but the number of following drops after the giveaway. Loop giveaways are giveaways made up of various accounts that combine to buy a lavish price. They use a loop to bring in the entrants. It is a method that consumes time and the user may not know the number of accounts available in the loop. A lot of users may quit along the way with the loop. When a giveaway begins, users go on to follow various accounts they are not interested in. Keep it simple with the audience if you must use a loop giveaway.  

Check out the hashtags  

Check out the hashtags you are using for a giveaway. It is not necessary to dish a hashtag when making a giveaway. Use hashtags that attract people to find what they are looking for. 

Select a square and fair winner  

After a giveaway finishes, pick the entire entrants of usernames ‘copy & paste’, tally the entire likes and export newest subscribers, then add them inside a random generator to get a winner. Once you select a winner, verify that you followed the entire rules and then contact them to deliver their prize. Ensure that you announce the winner of the giveaway, so people could know the winner. 

Promote giveaways  

A post with a giveaway can attract people but if you want to get in touch with more people, you have to promote it. 

  • Use an email: send email to talk about the giveaway and get more entries. 
  • Share: You can share in various platforms like Twitter or Facebook. 
  • Don’t make the duration too long: When getting a length for a giveaway, the duration should not be too long. You can use a duration of 3 to 7 days or with a larger account that engages an audience. 

Make it simple  

A lot of variable can prevent your audience from coming into the giveaway. Make the giveaway simple, with simple instructions that can be followed and are short. Participants will tag a friend with comments and like a giveaway post. You can make them optional with a bonus entry. Check out the rules. 

Select a prize that is relevant  

Your giveaway should include a prize. Ensure that you pick something that matches your target. Select a prize appealing to an audience. Some people may prefer giving out a lavish prize which may not attract people. Select something interesting and reasonable. 

Choose a goal

Select a particular goal for this giveaway. You can use this to increase website visitors, blog readers, email subscribers, likes & comments, Twitter followers, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram followers.