Tips for Making a Facebook Page 

A Facebook page is different from your Facebook profile. It is a page that displays your brand. Since Facebook has a lot of users, making a Facebook page can be a great way to generate leads. Choose a picture with the appropriate dimensions, high resolution and visible for making a Facebook page. This post tells you the tips for making a Facebook page. The tips are below.  

Add a profile that is recognizable  

Pick a profile picture that people can recognize when making a Facebook page. It could be a logo for a company or a picture of yourself. Make it recognizable. When you are recognizable, you can be liked and found with a Facebook search. That’s what displays in your search results. Choose pictures that are decent. Note that Facebook does change the dimensions of a picture. 

Get an attractive cover photo  

Get a cover photo that is attractive and use it as your cover photo. Choose pictures that engage visitors and have high quality. 

Add a button for call to action   

Add a suitable button for call to action. You can use things like ‘Sign Up Now’, ‘Book it Now’ and ‘Watch video now’. Customise each with the content or URL. You can drive traffic with this. 

Fill the ‘about’ section with milestones and basic information  

The ‘About’ section is among the important sections of a page. Even though this section does not display its preview when someone lands on the page, but rather the person will have to tap the ‘About’ button, it is still crucial to add an ‘About’ page. Add information like your story, company information, mission and general description. You can add elements that record awards and milestones. 

Post videos and photos  

Visual content is required for any online presence, including presence in social media platforms. Videos and photos should be posted often on your Facebook page. When you add an icon like ‘Watch Video’, it helps to engage your audience.  

Timing and frequency  

Use an ideal frequency and time when adding posts on your Facebook page. Update your Facebook page often to engage your audience. You can do this by using a social media editorial calendar. This can enable you make a schedule when you share certain posts based on their general popularity or season. You can adjust this calendar many times to check how the page performs. Tools like Facebook interface, Hubspot software or the Facebook interface can serve. Tap the arrow after ‘Publish button’ and then tap on ‘Schedule Post’. 

Pin relevant posts and target your audience  

If you want a post to stay at the top of the page, you have to pin it. This is because Facebook lets you pin a post, making it visible. You can tap ‘Pin to Top’, by tapping on the drop-down arrow. This drop down arrow is at the top-right corner of the posts. 

Check out private messaging options and respond to page comments  

Facebook has options that lets you send a private message, tap on ‘General’ which is visible at the left-hand column. You will see messages among the  ‘results’. Make it possible for your fans to reach you with this and respond to page comments too. You can respond to and monitor comments.  

Promote the page and analyse performance  

Fill up your page with attractive content and then promote it to get more followers. Don’t neglect promoting your page and analysing how the page performs. Analysing the performance will tell you whether the objectives of that page is realised or not since every page has an objective.