Tips for Making Slideshow Ads 

Facebook video ads are a great way you can entertain and engage your audience. Nevertheless some people don’t use video ads because it is time consuming. Another reason is that videos require much connection to function. Slideshow ads are alternatives to video ads. This post tells you the tips for making slideshow ads.  

Service or product show off  

You can use slideshow ads to display various parts of a product or display various items in your collection. If you have only a product, slideshow ads will let you present various angle shots of that product. In this way you can appreciate an audience. Slideshow ads enables you to display various services. 

Use brand stories  

A better way to tell brand stories is to use brand stories with pictures. You can use Facebook slideshows for this. Join relevant images together. Note that each image stands for a particular phase in the journey of your company. 

Display the benefits  

You may want to show your audience what they benefit with your product. How does your services or products transform them? Display more of this on Instagram. 

Use these creative tips  

  • You can experiment using cropping images, change how long an effect lasts, use fade and add text. 
  • Upload musical traits. 
  • Choose images from the library of your page or from Shutterstock. This can be with your mobile or desktop. 
  • Combing targets with demographic bandwidth or audience targeting. 
  • Begin with between 3 to 10 images with an image ratio of 2:3, 1:1 or 16:9. Each of to the image should have an image ratio resembling each other. 
  • Select MP4 or MOV type of files for uploading videos.  
  • Use a video already existing or use still images. 

Apply consistent branding with a storyboard  

Use brands on images since message consistency and brands are crucial for performance of ads. Slideshow ads behave like videos, the best thing is to make a storyboard before creating an ad. Think about relevant images before making a compelling story. 

Benefit of slideshow ads  

With Slideshow ads you can do the following:  

Tell more stories: Let your brand display your unique story, like the evolution of your business. 

Display short videos/demo images: Saas firms can use ads like this to display images and videos of how their product functions. 

  • Display multiple products : Businesses can use slideshow ads to showcase, various products, with a visual tour of the products. You can use music to improve their engaging potential. 
  • Show benefits: You can use slideshow ads to display the benefits of using your offers. Add some text to the images to give more details about the images displayed. 

If you don’t want to make video ads, slideshow ads can be a better alternative. This will enable you display the catalog of  your product  to your target audience.