Tips for Setting Up An Incentive Program 

Incentive programs are a crucial part of influencer marketing.  It has various characteristics. One of such characteristics is that they motivate users. Incentive programs have some influence on marketing. This post tells you the tips for setting up an incentive program. The steps below will help design an efficient incentive program and they are below.  

Have goals and objectives  

You should have a goal or an objective of setting up incentive programs. Such goals could be reduced cycle times, increased sales and improved attendance. The goals and objectives should be obtainable, specific and simple. Start with about 3 objectives that are clear and communicate these to your entire participants.  

Know the audience for the incentive program  

Your audience might not be your entire consumer, audience or employees, so identify them. Note the teams and individuals that can enable you realise your goals and objectives. 

Get facts  

Programs are more efficient when you get facts from the participants of  your audience. Get facts with various aspects of the program, rewards and rules that will promote engagement and ownership. What are the steps for achieving the goals? How do participants access resources? 

Budget & program structure  

Set up the incentive program accordingly on the methods. You can select from an open-ended or a close-ended program with variable and fixed costs. A program that is open-ended can be difficult to budget, but can get funded with other gains or incremental sales. You can budget a close-ended program with larger rewards and more winners. This may not motivate your audience if you don’t structure the rules accordingly. 

Choose rewards  

Be consistent with the rewards and recognition of a company, and appeal to your audience. The more you add input to your audience, the program becomes more effective. Let your reward vehicle fit into the parameters of the budget. 

Training & communication  

How do you want to launch and announce the program? Create a strategy for communicating with your audience. Branded programs are more efficient than generic programs. 

Administration and tracking  

You can choose the elements to develop and track. Administration can use up to 20% of the budget of the program. The technology or proper program dashboard can cut the quantity of time consumed on administration. 


The faster, the better. Technological advances let participants get rewards online and this can be digital rewards. Let the fulfillment experience and reward be consistent with the attributes of your firm. 

Measure and evaluate  

Evaluate and measure. What’s the behavior of participants? What are the outside factors? Measure and evaluate for improved results. 

Share performance  

Share the impact of the incentive program with your audience. This can be like a testimonial. Engage company leaders when presenting reports. Let participants celebrate with beneficiaries.