Tips for Unboxing  

After making the products, note how to package the products. The way to drive brand awareness and loyalty is through unboxing. Unboxing is part of influencer marketing. The packaging of a product has some influence on marketing. Customers can share their unboxing experience with others. People now share their unboxing experience on social media. With unboxing you can promote a product.  

Use thank-you notes  

You can use a handwritten note to appreciate your audience and customers, giving them a unique and memorable experience. Use this method to show gratitude and give your audience a personalised experience. 

Add extra packages  

You can drive the loyalty of brands by adding extra packages like coupon or informative flyer. Use inserts like promotions about your products and services, and add links on social media and on the website. Customise the flyers according to your marketing campaigns and give a background that connects you. Custom inserts and flyers are extra packages.  

Customise the tape for packing  

You can use a tape to wrap the box up with surprise stickers or designs. A customised packaging tape gives you an eye-catching and unique aesthetic. Add messages, company name and logo like information on specials and sales. It tells customers that they are getting a quality product, and that you actually care about the welfare of your customers. It is much simpler and affordable to use this method. 

Use stickers 

You can use stickers to promote brand awareness and marketing potential,  and enhance user experience. Stickers are much affordable to use to make some impression. Another benefit of using stickers is that it can spread word about your product organically. 

Branding boxes  

Add your logo and company name on the box in a recognisable way. It displays some ability before the customer receives the products. Speciality boxes give an experience to the user. Customised labels are affordable for this too. 

Making unboxing videos 

Unboxing videos are used by companies when they want to launch a product or service. It is now very common among companies like phone manufacturers. The tips below will enable you make unboxing videos. 

Use demo  

Use demo for the new gadget. Use a list printed as a guide and go through the main properties of that product. Be narrative in the demo. 

Unbox it immediately  

Once you make the video, unbox the video and don’t keep your audience waiting. Unbox it immediately in the video. Some prep work for a faster unboxing can help. 


Conduct some research before making an unboxing video. List out the things to display and then put it.  

Engage viewers  

Ensure that you engage your audience. You can ask them questions and subscribe to your channel on YouTube. Ask people for their opinion, and find out what can lead to making better videos. Make videos that engage and entertain people. You can go for templates for making such videos. Make the videos interactive and give enough room for your audience.