Tips to Pull Off Influencer Marketing on a Tight Budget

More people today turn from online publicity, but influential marketing helped to change the narrative. In essence, word-of-mouth marketing has reached a whole new stage. Social media influencers have a huge effect, and buyers are more likely than a product ad to purchase and opt for what they want. While it is not possible for small companies to partner with leading influencers with a huge fan base, it doesn’t mean that influencers’ promotion is closed. Hence in this article, we will be giving you Tips to pull off influencer marketing on a tight budget. 

Here is how we can pull off influencer marketing in Asia on a tight budget 

Tip 1 

Get a better influencer 

Since you know who your target group is, you can next find an influencer who interacts with them. The best way to do this is to review all posts with many likes and comments by searching related hashtags for your company. The social media pages of brands that are close to you are another way to travel. Search for posts that mark someone else as the maker of content. You will most likely also be involved in your product among these influencers and their adherents. 

Once a few candidates have been found, evaluate their brand, tone, and style of social media involvement. Then ask yourself if you want your brand to be connected to them and whether the relationship can be natural. 

Tip 2 

Work according to your budget 

The more an influencer has in his profile, the greater they can charge for each social media post or video beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Some influencers, especially those who follow Instagram with more than 300,000, will charge around $2,000 per post and $700 for an ‘Instagram moment’ in Singapore. You even charge a blog post up to $3,000; that’s, of course, very costly. 

This could be prohibitively costly for small companies, but there are less expensive alternatives. Micro-influencers, anyone who follows small but committed things and is considered more accessible and related, is becoming more common. They charge a reasonable price to build content for brands due to their smaller fan base. 

According to one American influencer marketing firm, micro-influencers are eight times more powerful and profitable per connection than their peers with a larger scope.  

Tip 3 

Offer freebies 

Everyone loves getting gifts. A single Instagram post will cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Rather than paying for a letter, give the influencer a preview of your product or provide a free trial of your service. If they believe your product is worthwhile, they will be willing to help you promote it. 

However, remember to be courteous and stop bullying them to support your product. You could end up with a post out of it. And if you don’t, you’ll have made contact with the influencer. 

Tip 4 

Turn regular customers into brand ambassadors. 

The key to transforming your customers into brand ambassadors is to have outstanding customer service. 

It is also important to involve the customers regularly. React to any product reviews or social media messages. When you have an event or a giveaway, invite them or offer them a free sample as well. 

Before you know it, these pleased consumers will be raving about your goods on social media without prompting from you.