Top 10 Online Business Ideas In 2021 – Part 1 

During the corona virus crisis, social distancing and the recession, many sectors have been severely impacted and started to reduce their payrolls … This situation caused uncertainty on a global scale. For those who had an idea for an online business, this period became a great business opportunity on Internet.  

Today we no longer see digitization as a project of the future, but rather an emergency. The economy is undergoing a profound transformation. Thus, we’ve chosen for you some ideas of online start-ups that may be a great opportunity to improve your business  

1. Start Your Social Media Marketing Agency

Today, companies no longer have a choice … They will have to market their offer via social networks, because our context will push us to be more and more connected. 

Why launch your social media marketing agency? 

People who used to consider social media as a waste of time now they have to face a new reality: 2.8 billion people use these platforms; the market is booming and any serious business that wants to thrive will face a huge shortfall if it doesn’t expand its online presence. As a social media specialist, you can help businesses grow through these media. 

2. The Real Estate Agency on Internet

Why get into online real estate? Because real estate doesn’t require a professional degree to start. This business allows you to cash in quickly, because the product is available, the customer’s need still exists, and you just need to connect them appropriately.

This activity also allows you to diversify your sources of income thanks to the variety of real estate that exists and the different ways to make it stable income. In addition, the costs of entering this industry are relatively low 

3. Start a Drone Business

This is probably one of the biggest profitable business opportunities available today. Before, the drone was considered as a strange military surveillance or a luxury item for the extravagant geeks, but nowadays the business of drones stands out for its colossal business scope. According to business insider, the drone market that valued 4.4 billion dollars in 2018 is expected to reach nearly 64 billion in 2025.

So, as a new entrepreneur, just owning a drone opens up a lot of possibilities: making videos about events, short films, … Of course, in case your country legally allows you to use it 

4. GetStarted with Infographic Design

A picture is worth a thousand words … Today we increasingly use graphics to convey our messages. Whether you are an advertiser or a businessman, demand for web illustrations, logos nowadays is booming. 

Given that the competition became tough, you have to choose the right business strategy in order to find a winning position. 

There are always needs… Here are the most common: 

  • Definition of the brand strategy
  • Logo design
  • Web design
  • Design for social networks
  • Animation
  • Brochures
  • Infographics …

Whether it is to start yourself full time or to turn this activity into a source of additional income, starting a graphic design business is clearly a profitable business idea for the future. 

 5.Getting into E-commerce

The e-commerce industry is measured in hundreds of billions of dollars in 2020 and the current environment means that its growth will continue to accelerate. Now you can resell your designs on Amazon, Shopify, or by creating your own website. If you have the ability to identify a market segment that does not receive a very competitive offer. Launching an e-commerce start-up will be very profitable.  Yes, to start up an e-commerce business may require a decent capital to finance the stock and set up its platform. But business model is sustainable, because there is always demand for mass consumer goods.